In the Cool of the Garden

Still. Everything is quiet in the hot afternoon sun. The birds are hiding in the deep shadows of the woods, and only occasionally do I hear one call. The little boy next door has stopped running, yelling, and playing. No squirrel chitters, no chipmunk squeaks. Barely a car goes by. People are already where they want or need to be.

Meanwhile, in the cool of the garden, that brute of a hosta—Frances Williams—blooms.

Minerva, the little cat, waits until nighttime, when she can romp in the dark, and no one will see her.

Except for the small bird, who watches and waits, ready to take off at a moment’s notice.

No matter the temperature, the garden is a mysterious place.




33 thoughts on “In the Cool of the Garden”

    1. Hostas are tough. Do you have a spot that gets morning sun only? If so, I bet they would do just fine there. If you do decide to give hostas a try, keep me posted.

    1. Actually, quite a few cool bits in our yard on all but the hottest of days, which we seem to have had in abundance.

    1. Yes, although not as bad as it was last week. Holy cats, that heat took the stuffing right out of us. I’m all right with hosta flowers. However, I prefer delphinium, daisies, sweet William, bachelor buttons, clematis. Well, you get the idea. 😉

  1. Enjoyed how you captured the beauty and silence of a summer day in the garden with your words and photos.🙂 I love early mornings on the deck enjoying a cup of coffee before the neighborhood awakens and the heat returns.

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