A Garden Visit

This has been a week of visiting with friends and a much-needed break from fiction writing. I decided to take some time off, and I probably won’t return to fiction writing until mid-July.  For the past month, there was a mighty push to get Library Lost finished, and my batteries need a chance to recharge.  Of course, I’ve been thinking about the third book, and I’ve even come up with a new dimension called Down Cellar, which sounds like hell but is really a place outside time.

Anyway, I digress. Today, my friend Gayle invited me to come see her gardens, and that visit was the cherry on the sundae of a wonderful week. Here is the sign that greeted me when I pulled into her driveway.

That sign made this nature lover’s heart leap with joy, and as to be expected, Gayle’s yard and gardens were green and welcoming, filled with bushes, trees, plants, and water—all designed to encourage creatures that scamper, jump, flutter, and fly.

Like me, Gayle has a lot of shade in her yard, but she gets enough sun for various flowers, including white roses,



and a lovely delicate iris.

Most gardeners are very generous, and Gayle is no exception. She even gave me a plant to take home.

This plant is called Brunnera, and it likes shade. Those white patterned leaves are sure to brighten a shady spot in my garden.

Many thanks, Gayle—for the tour, for the plant, and for providing such a welcoming place for wildlife.

So inspiring.

30 thoughts on “A Garden Visit”

    1. You have inspired me! I am going to check into having a wildlife certified yard, and another one of my blogging friends is too.

    1. Sure is! I can hardly believe we have a place this good in rural central Maine.

  1. This looks like wildlife heaven, what a wonderful garden Laurie! Enjoy your break from fiction writing and a happy weekend to you all! 🙂💖 xxx

  2. A beautiful garden! It’s good that you are taking time out to sharpen the saw. 😉 I’m looking forward to Book 2 and now you’re enticing me with bits of #3!

  3. I love to see shade gardens – those hellebore leaves look very healthy and the foxglove is glorious. Have a wonderful, flower-filled break.

    1. You bet! And one of those little signs will be in my yard the end of the month.

  4. Your friend has a wonderful garden! I am pleased you had a lovely visit there and came away with a Brunnera too! Enjoy your fiction-free fortnight!

    1. Thanks, Clare! Although I was thinking I might do just a bit of fiction writing on the patio this evening. Just a bit. 😉

    1. Many thanks! However, I might do a little fiction writing in a notebook this afternoon. On the patio. We’ll see. 😉

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