Don’t Rain on My Books

Oh, the weather! All week it was dry and sunny, simply and utterly beautiful. But then it rained on Saturday, when Clif and I were selling our books at the Windham Summerfest, an outdoor fair.  Luckily we have a very good canopy—brand new—with sides. And luckily the day started out as overcast, with the rain coming mid-afternoon. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have gone, as books and water are not a good combination, and we will not set up in the rain.

Although we didn’t sell as many books as we would have liked, Clif and I still had a good time at what was a very nice event created to promote community spirit. (Boy oh boy, we could certainly use lots and lots of community spirit in this country right now.) Also, a woman bought Maya and the Book of Everything to send to her granddaughter in Texas. It always tickles me to think of Maya traveling out of Maine, to places as far away as Texas. Not bad for a little indie book.

However, one of the nicest parts of the day was being next to an artist named Erik Howell. His snappy abstract art really brightened the gray day. It fact, his work was so appealing that we bought a small piece. We were going to give it to our nephew Patrick for Christmas, but we liked it so much that we put it on our dining room. (Don’t worry! Patrick will be getting plenty of other presents from us.)

By 3:00, the overcast sky made up its mind to rain, and under wet conditions, we packed up and left early.  But it’s heartening that even at events that are literally a wash-up, there are always good bits that make up for it. I even got a tip about a big fair in South Paris, Maine, in mid-November.

However, that’s several months away.

In the meantime, this weekend—weather permitting—we will be taking Maya to a Steam Punk Festival in Dexter, Maine.

Should be fun!

42 thoughts on “Don’t Rain on My Books”

    1. Here is Merriam-Webster’s definition: “science fiction dealing with 19th-century societies dominated by historical or imagined steam-powered technology.” Lots of fun!

    1. Unless the occasion is really dire—and sometimes it is—there is always something good to be gleaned.

  1. A Steam Punk Fair sounds fab – I wish I could come! I do hope you have a successful time and Maya is sent off to far flung places once again.
    Love that piece of Art you bought. It would look good as fabric.

    1. Many thanks! In her own little way, Maya is making her way in the world. She has even made it as far as Australia. 😉

    1. I know. What’s up with that? I looked for a website to link into my piece, but I couldn’t find one either.

  2. Oh, dear, oh, dear–what a drag! We were having a yard sale and had to move everything inside real quick, too, but our junk isn’t as susceptible to rain as your books would be!

  3. Lots of success for the next event! Your canopy surely looks good, so sparkling white and a perfect rain catcher.
    About books getting wet, I like to read in the bath. Sometimes I get a bit sleepy because of the nice water temperature and I suppose you can figure out what happens then. I should get a water resistent e-reader.

  4. Isn’t that just the way with weather! I am sorry you didn’t sell as much as you’d hoped but better luck, I hope at the Steam Punk Festival. What luck you having such a good canopy and the rain not spoiling the morning!

  5. Rain, rain, rain… We get our gardening done between clouds and thundershowers… And, as you can see from my long-delayed post, we have been busy inside (there is another guest room in the process, but that is an other story, once finished.). – Oscar

  6. The Steam Punk Festival sounds fun and I hope you have better weather this weekend.🙂 So far I’ve missed out on a few festivals here, but I’m hoping things improve in July.

    1. Many thanks! We’ll have to leave really early, but we are looking forward to the steampunk festival.

  7. There is a scientific explanation for why the weekend is rainier than the week, but I forget it. It’s good you have such a professional-looking tent.

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