A Very Sick Dog and Another Break from Blogging

As the title of this post suggests, we have a very sick dog in our house. For the past week, Liam has been eating less and less and then for the past few days, nothing at all. Just water.

Yesterday, we brought Liam to the vets, and he had all sorts of tests. His liver count is not good, and he has a fever. The vet suspects an infection, and she sent us home with five different kinds of pills that we have to stuff down Liam’s throat because he is not eating.

An extremely  hard time for us and for Liam. How we love our dog buddy and how we hate seeing him this sick! We are hoping that the vet is right—that the pills will take care of the infection and that Liam will soon be back to his old self. Both Clif and I would like more time with Liam, but only, of course, if he is eating and feeling well.

Besides taking care of Liam, these are busy days in the garden. Because of this, I will be taking another short break from blogging, until Liam is settled and the gardening chores are done.

I must say that the beauty of May and our backyard is a great comfort right now. As Wordsworth wrote, Nature never did betray the heart that loved her.

49 thoughts on “A Very Sick Dog and Another Break from Blogging”

  1. Sorry to hear that Liam is not feeling well. Let’s hope the medicine does its magic.
    Gorgeous purple iris you have there – Mine hasn’t started blooming yet, yours must be in a happy place!

  2. Give Liam kisses for me. Love that sweet boy!! Fingers crossed the medicine makes him better soon.

  3. So sorry that Liam is so ill! I hope that he gets better really quickly!! And your irises are beautiful!

      1. Oh, I know, Laurie. It’s so hard to see them feeling poorly. But he knows you’ll be there to help him through whatever it is, because that’s what you do.

  4. Max finally passed away last week… it was time. He’d had eight months of liver pills and lasted much longer than the vet expected. We are very sad. We still have Sam, but we’ve had two for 11 years, so it feels very strange to be back to just one. We are waiting to see how she gets on alone…
    Fingers crossed that Liam pulls through.

    1. So sorry about Max! How we love our dog buddies and how empty our homes are when they are gone.

  5. So sorry to hear about Liam and sending good thoughts for his complete recovery.

  6. Sorry Liam is sick. I hope he rebounds soon! So hard to help dogs when they are unwell. See you after the garden is in.

  7. My heart goes out to Liam and to you. It is so hard to see our loved ones sick. I am sure your caring is a comfort to him, even as you may feel helpless to do more. Our dogs give us unconditional love and that is all they expect back again. Hope you can get the pills down and he begins to feel better.

  8. Sorry to hear Liam is sick, it is a very trying time when something like this happens to a very loved pet. Wishing your household all the best and hope everything gets back to normal again for you.

  9. I’m so sorry to read that Liam is so sick and it’s heartbreaking to watch our dogs when they are ill. It’s good that he’s still drinking water and it’s so difficult to try and give them medicine when they are not eating. Gabby was finally able to eat boiled chicken after several days on her medication after not eating or drinking for a few days. I hope you see some improvement with the medication very soon.

    1. Thanks so much! Our dog buddies seem to have similar problems. How hard it is! Hope Gabby is soon back barking and riding with you on your bike.

  10. Ahh I am so sorry for you and Liam. It is so hard to see a beloved pet suffer and poking pills down their throat is no fun. I am hoping he grabs hold as soon as antibiotics take effect and feels better… Thank you for my favorite Emerson quote…I love all his words about nature! Do you call your tall purple iris flags? That’s the term my grandma used…❤

    1. Thanks, Betsy! No, those irises are not flags, which usually grow in wet places. In fact, the irises in the picture are only of medium height and are at the front of my garden. I’ve had them for many, many years and unfortunately cannot remember the name.

  11. Oops…sorry I meant favorite from Wordsworth …Tintern Abbey. Anyway love to Liam!

  12. Oh, dear–life is so tough when our pets are struggling. I hope your vet is right, that it’s an infection and can be treated promptly. Try not to make yourself sick with worrying . . .

    1. Thanks, Kerry! We have been worrying, that’s for sure. We love our dog buddy.

    1. Will do! Thought he was going yesterday, but he rallied last night. Now, if only he would start eating.

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