Fabulous Ferns

Library Lost has been sent to various proof readers, and now I have time on my hands, so to speak, as I wait for the comments and the, ahem, opportunities for rewriting.

What to do, what to do?

Just kidding, of course. Spring, lovely though she is, brings so much work that at times it makes me positively dizzy.  Breathe, breathe, breathe, as my daughter Shannon would say.

In fact, after being cooped inside for those long winter months, it’s a great pleasure to be outside, working in the gardens and feeling the sun on my face. Birds are everywhere, tweeting, flying, coming to the feeders.

Ferns are unfurling, and what fascinating plants they are. Because we live in the woods, ferns thrive in our yard. These dinosaur plants rim the edge of our house in the back, and I have encouraged them, not raking the leaves that blow there. Along with shade, ferns love leaves.

Yesterday, I took some pictures of the baby ferns, stretching from their winter’s sleep.

As they mature, their color deepens, but this bright green sings, “Spring, spring, spring!”

Let’s take a closer look. Their little heads look as though they are composed of a ball of tiny ferns.

Let’s take a closer look still. So fuzzy and new!

With all this beauty and excitement in the yard, it’s a wonder I get anything done in my gardens.

And yet I do.



39 thoughts on “Fabulous Ferns”

  1. I love ferns too and will be adding more to the area behind our deck. You captured that fuzzy baby hair just right!

  2. Great photos of the fern … Hope we see it unfolding further. When we lived in the inner city of Sydney I had an indoor fern & I loved watching it unfold in Spring … Cheered me up as I went off to a job I didn’t love.
    Plants are so cheerful!

    1. We need plants, for all kinds of reasons. I’ll keep posting photos of the ferns. Sort of like weather report and snow-gauge Clif.. 😉

  3. Oh I fell in love with ferns! I have always loved their spring green and the wonderful shapes they add to the garden but the balls of itty bitty perfect leaves and the amazing texture… well it felt just like true love so thank you for this wonderful post!

  4. Your ferns are so GREEN!!! Our garden isn’t natural fern country but we have always had one fern growing in the front hedge and we recently discovered a new one growing where our old shed used to be. This pleases us.

  5. Lovely photos, especially enjoyed the last shot!🙂 How long of a break will you have before the proofreading is complete? We’ve been out working in the yard and I’m hoping to add some new flowers next week. Enjoy your break and the outdoors.🙂

    1. I am hoping the proof reading will be done in a couple of weeks. After corrections are made, then it’s off to the copy editor for nitpicking typos. We, too, have been doing yard work. Looking forward to seeing your flowers.

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