Five for Friday: Gone, Baby, Gone

Ta-dah, ta-dah! The patio is officially snow free, a full ten days before we wanted it to be that way.

This is how the patio looked yesterday morning, with just the smallest patch of snow on one edge.

Here is a closer look at that stubborn little patch.

Stubborn or not, that patch’s days were numbered, and by late afternoon, the snow was gone, baby, gone. Note the hay on the walk rimmed with snow. No, our yard is not totally snow free, but it sure is good to see the patio once again.

Snow-out from the patio put in me in such a good mood that I decided to sweep the driveway. Hundreds and hundreds of little cones had fallen, the most I’ve ever seen in our driveway in spring. What a nice feeling of accomplishment to have the driveway free of those little cones.

And maybe, just maybe, Clif and I will take down the Christmas lights next week. It is time, that’s for sure.

27 thoughts on “Five for Friday: Gone, Baby, Gone”

  1. Yay!!! A snow free patio is a beautiful thing! 🙂 The patio furniture will be out before you know it. Bring on Spring!!

    1. Until recently, some of the lights were buried in the snow, and we could not have taken them down even if we wanted to.

  2. But are you getting more bad weather this weekend? We are–snow and freezing rain. Ugh. I need to sweep my driveway, too–we don’t have pinecones but we do have tons of sand from what gets spread on the roads during the winter.

  3. It must be due to the winter we had, because I have an area in my yard with more little cones than I have ever seen. It’s always wonderful when the snow finally disappears and we can begin to hope spring might finally be on its way!

    1. So very slow! Another blogging friend who lives in Maine has described Winter as a bully this year. True, true, true!

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