Ho, Ho, Ho! April Snow

Yesterday afternoon, Clif and I went to Augusta to do some errands. After that we had planned to go to a panel about truth and poetry at The Terry Plunkett Poetry Festival at the University of Maine in Augusta. We knew that snow—yes, snow—was in the forecast, but we thought it would come later in the evening.

Turns out, we were wrong. The day started out nice enough, but by the time we left home to do errands, the sky was overcast. When we came out of the grocery store, it was spitting snow, as we say in Maine.

“What do you think?” I asked Clif.

He shrugged, and we both squinted at the spitting snow.

“We probably should go home,” I suggested.

“Good idea,” he said quickly.

So home we went, a little reluctantly. We are both—ahem—at the age where we have a hard time driving not only at night but also in bad weather, especially snow. In addition, we were worried about slippery roads.

As dusk came, we were very happy we had made the decision to go home. Here is what it looked like outside our front door.

And here is our old trusty friend, Green Shovel. Clif had brought Green Shovel down cellar, and we had thought that would be that until next winter. Silly us!

A little while later, we heard the roar of the snowplow and saw the flash of its yellow light flicker through the closed shades in our living room.

In fact, neither Clif nor I are too worried about this snow. (As long as we are home, of course.) This is April, after all, and the snow will soon be gone. The only shoveling that had to be done was the front porch.

Nevertheless, I could swear the snow was laughingΒ  at us this morning. Mother Nature is quite the trickster, isn’t she?


30 thoughts on “Ho, Ho, Ho! April Snow”

  1. It looks so lovely in the snow and light enough for it to melt away easily β˜ƒοΈπŸŒž We wish you both a warm and cosy weekend! β˜ΊπŸ’– xxx

    1. We really did. Poor vision combined with messy weather are not a good combination.

  2. Uh! We had 2 inches in the forecast a few days ago and then 8 inches expected today. I refused to believe a bit of it and we got nothing. I don’t think the two things were connected, though. lol

    1. You would be very powerful indeed if you could control the weather. πŸ˜‰ Glad you didn’t get the eight inches.

  3. It was spitting snow when I got ready for church this morning, but it hasn’t amounted to anything, thank goodness. You made a wise decision to head for home.

  4. I still think it looks beautiful on the trees, even this late in the season.πŸ™‚ I’m always nervous driving in bad weather and it definitely looks like you made the right choice. I think this is the latest we have kept the shovels and winter boots available by the door.πŸ™‚

    1. It was very pretty. Snow always is. But we made the right decision, more due to our poor eyesight rather then slippery roads.

  5. April is the coolest month: she does what she wants, when she wants, with major attitude. Glad you two got home safely. We had four different ‘weathers” in one day here on Wednesday, and of course it included snow.

    1. She sure does, and even more so this year than in past years. Winter just doesn’t want to let go. Your weather sounds very much like our weather.

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