Weather Report: A Miraculous Week

In Maine, the velocity of change in spring is nothing short of astonishing. So much can happen in seven days, and here are the pictures to prove it. Because the changes have been so dramatic in just a week’s time, I thought it would be good to feature last week’s pictures along with this week’s.

Last week overlooking the Kennebec:

This week overlooking the Kennebec:

As you can see, the ice has really receded, and there is a lot more open water. However, the ice chunks, made thick and stubborn by winter’s extreme cold, still hover by the shore. I wonder how long it will be before they are completely gone.

Now to our front yard. Last week with snow-gauge Clif:

This week with snow-gauge Clif:

There is quite a change in the front yard, but most dramatic is the backyard, where we get more sun. Here is last week:

Drum roll, please! Here is this week:

And all in seven days. Seems almost like a miracle. The patio has begun to emerge, and next week I’ll include pictures of the patio, which we always hope is clear by Shannon’s birthday on April 22.

Last week, I was very doubtful. But now I have  hope. Shannon, it just might happen.


34 thoughts on “Weather Report: A Miraculous Week”

  1. Ralphie has $10.00 on April 10th being the “all clear” date. I’m betting on the 15th, so any flakes left after 12:00 noon on April 12th and I win. In this case, I hope I lose. 🙂

    1. We shall see! What weather we have had this March. But how fast it goes when it decides to warm up.

  2. Wow! What a contrast … You’ll have to keep up with photos of change …. Looking forward to seeing Maine in full Spring/ summer.

  3. It looks like Shannon will be celebrating her birthday on your patio. I love good news! Yeah for spring!!

    1. Alas, Shannon now lives in North Carolina and won’t be able to celebrate her birthday on the patio. But we’ll raise a glass to her in absentia.

  4. Thanks to the snow gauge assistant, we can clearly understand what has been happening in your part of Maine. Huge change! Good luck for more melting by the desired date.

  5. Such a fun post! We’ve had the same kind of dramatic changes . . . now, if the ice would just go out of our bay, I would be happy!

    1. Thanks, Kerry. It’s been quite a winter, but that snow is going lickity-split.

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