Weather Report: Snow-Gauge Clif and a Special Day

The Kennebec River

On Saturday, we went to the lookout spot by the Kennebec River, and while we could pull in to the drive-through, the snow was plowed so high that I couldn’t get onto the platform. This meant I had to stand by the car to get a picture. (As soon as the snowbanks go down, I’ll be back on the platform to take pictures.)

Here is what the river looked like last week, when I was standing on the platform.

And here is what it looked like this week, when I stood by the car.  You can see that there is a bit more open water on the river.

Our Yard

We live in the woods and have a such a shady yard that the snow melts very slowly. It really seems that our yard is one of the last in town to emerge from winter. After living here for thirty-four years, we are used to it. Nevertheless, each spring we impatiently wait for the snow to go.

Here is our yard today, March 19. I’ve decided to use Clif as a reference point next to the snow, and Clare Pooley, a blogging friend, has dubbed him “snow-gauge Clif.” Perfect! Snow-gauge Clif and his red yardstick will be making regular Monday appearances on the blog until the snow is melted. Here he is today.

Sure looks like we live in the frozen north, doesn’t it?  No surprise, as Maine is north of north for most people in the United States.

And here was the temperature this morning. There was a brisk breeze, making it even chillier. Hard to believe that two weeks ago, we were eating ice cream outside at Fielder’s Choice. I do believe that day was the warmest of the month.

Today also happens to be a special day for us. It is our forty-first wedding anniversary. Why in the heck we decided to get married in March is something I’ll never be able to figure out, but we did. And, I must say that it perks up this dismal month.

To celebrate we are heading to Bath, Maine, a small city about an hour from us. Bath is on the Kennebec River and not far from the Atlantic Ocean.

I’ll be posting pictures tomorrow.

41 thoughts on “Weather Report: Snow-Gauge Clif and a Special Day”

  1. Happy 41st anniversary, Laurie and Cliff, and many more to come!

    I have finally caught up again. You have had more than your share of snow this winter! We got some in February, but all is green here again, and some of the earlier ornamental trees in the area have started to bloom. Our plums and pears should be coming along soon, followed by the apples.

    I love the photos of Ms. Watson, Sherlock and Gideon you posted a while back.

    1. Thanks, Lavinia! My gosh it’s been a volatile March. Massachusetts got hit harder than we did, but there has been plenty of cleaning to do after each storm, and the last one was a doozy with wet, heavy snow. Those flowering trees must be beautiful. And such tasty fruit in the fall.

  2. A very Happy Anniversary to you and your dear helpful “snow gauge” Clif…Enjoy your day together and remember that spring cannot be too far behind!❤

    1. Thanks, Clare. We had a wonderful day. After we got back, I took the dog for a short walk, and while I’m ready for spring, there’s a part of me that will miss winter. Love the smell of the cold and the stillness that winter brings.

  3. We await the next storm, predicted to start tonight… and continuing through Wednesday, then piling on over the weekend… We’ll see if this is end of Winter for us (50F yesterday and 60F today, nearly T-shirt weather). – Oscar

    1. Very brisk still in Maine, but I do love the smell of the cold. The latest storm is supposed to just brush us with about five inches of snow. Fingers and toes crossed!

  4. Happy anniversary to you both! Larry and I were married March 26th 1971. We had to step over snow banks to go into the church.

    1. Thanks, Gayle! What a time to get married. Still can’t figure out why we chose March. Nothing else was going on, that’s for sure. 😉

  5. I am so over winter! But it has to end soon, right? Happy anniversary to you and the snow gauge! There’s a very, very fine yarn shop in Bath . . .

    1. Thanks, Kerry! We didn’t see the yarn shop, but we didn’t go up and down the street. Instead, we made a bee-line to the restaurant. For me, it’s best to stay out of shops. 😉

    1. Thanks so much! Would be fun to mark Clif and his clothes, if we could find a non-permanent marker. He’s pretty fond of that jacket;)

  6. Snow-gauge Clif – LOVE that! Happy anniversary to both of you, Laurie. Here it’s been sleeting all day with a call for 12 inches of snow tomorrow. . . I am so done with it all. : )

    1. Clare came up with a good one. Twelve inches? So discouraging! I wonder how much we will get here.

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