Five for Friday: If It’s March, Then It’s Time for Ice Cream

Yesterday, March came in like the gentlest of lambs, with sunshine, blue skies, and warm temperatures. This was perfect weather for an outing we had planned with our friends Claire and Mary Jane. Fielder’s Choice, which serves delicious ice cream at great prices, opened for the season, and we wanted to be among the first to christen—with ice cream—the arrival of almost spring. As  you can see from the picture below, we weren’t the only ones there. Mainers are wild about ice cream, and we will head to an ice cream stand even if there is still snow on the ground.

And yesterday, there was still snow on the ground. Note the folded up picnic tables resting against the tree.

Since it was opening day, we all decided to go for broke and get sundaes and parfaits.

Here is Clif with his sundae.

Mary Jane with hers.

And last, but certainly not least, Claire with her parfait.

In the warm sun, we stood and ate our ice cream. (Warm for us, after a cold winter, is 50°F.) I had a hot fudge sundae with peanut butter ice cream. How good it tasted. I gulped down the ice cream the way someone dying of thirst would gulp down water. I felt a little foolish for being such a glutton, but then Mary Jane said, “I don’t know why I ate my sundae so fast.” Clif also finished his lickety-split.  Claire might have done the same, except she met an old friend she hadn’t seen in years, and while we gobbled our treats, Claire chatted with her friend.

After ice cream, there was tea around the dining room table at our house. We talked about family. We talked about movies. We talked about books.

And speaking of books…Claire, a very fine poet, has just had a book of her poetry published. We finished tea with Clif reading aloud one of the poems from her new book.

Monday’s piece for the blog will feature Claire, her new book, and a poem she has graciously allowed me to post.

In the meantime, even if the weather is bad—which it certainly is today on the East Coast—eat ice cream.




31 thoughts on “Five for Friday: If It’s March, Then It’s Time for Ice Cream”

  1. Ice cream is a very good way to welcome Spring!! Love Fielder’s Choice! 🙂

    So there’s not as much snow still on the ground as I thought there would be. It’s a very open and sunny area and I’m sure that you have much more snow in your yard – especially the back. But still, not too bad!!

  2. I’d go for the peanut butter & hot fudge ice-cream … Sounds Devine! How nice to sit with friends & listen to some poetry together.

  3. Lucky you! I don’t know of any local ice cream stands that open so early–our favorite one won’t be open for at least a month! I’ll be ready!

  4. We had the March Lion down her, though mostly wind for 48 hours. The electricity was out for about 19 hours… Did the Nor’easter make it up to you by Friday night or Saturday? Good you enjoyed the March Lamb and ice cream on Friday. -Oscar

    1. Oh, gosh! We noted how much of the East Coast got hammered, and we were waiting. But this time, Maine got lucky, and the bad weather went out to sea after it hit Massachusetts. Just a bit of wind, but nothing to really worry about.

      1. Yes, nor’easter number three hit us on March 13, and supposedly another one is in store for us next week. One in March is usual. Four nor’easters? very unusual if not unheard of.

      2. No, I wouldn’t. However, on the coast, the wind was hurricane strength. Lots of trees and power lines down. Lots of damage. And Tuesday, the forecast is for storm number four. Good times.😉

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