Five for Friday: Chinese Food and Blue, Blue Skies

This week brought us Valentine’s Day. (To my way of thinking, a holiday devoted to chocolate should be celebrated by everyone, single folks as well as couples.)  Even though I was fortunate enough to receive a box of See’s chocolates as an early Valentine’s present, I figured, why not guild the lily and go out to lunch, too? When it comes to having fun, I am not a minimalist. So off to Lucky Gardens we went, for their tasty buffet.

The week was warm, warm, warm, even making it up to 50°F on Thursday. After the cold weather we have had this winter, the air felt positively tropical. Grabbing my wee wonder of a camera, I headed into town to see how things looked by Marancook Lake.

The sky was an impossible blue, so deep, so vivid that it almost looked as though it had been computer generated.

Even though it was warm, and there was open water by the shores, there were still plenty of ice-fishing shacks on the mostly frozen lake.

On the road by the lake, there’s a little bridge, plain and nowhere near as lovely as you would find, say, in Scotland. But if you cross the road, stand on the bridge, and look toward town, you will see a pleasing tableau, a classic New England scene.

If you look closer, you will even see some ducks—mallards, I think—swimming in the open water.

We are over half-way through February, and the days are getting longer. Dusk doesn’t come until 5:30 now, a real bonus to Clif and me as we have gotten to the age where we don’t like driving when it’s dark.

I am always sorry to leave beautiful, snowy February behind. Ahead of us lies the dreary month of March, and I’ll try not to whine too much when it comes.

In the meantime…here’s to the rest of February!



44 thoughts on “Five for Friday: Chinese Food and Blue, Blue Skies”

  1. 70F this week… Snow Saturday… 70F next week. Mud Season here. We did see the first crocuses blooming! The greenhouse it set up for planting. I’m splitting next year’s firewood. But, February is not over yet (the Norwegian in me). -Oscar

    1. Holy guacamole! That is some weather you are having. But best to pay attention to your Norwegian side. 😉

  2. The blues in your photos are just incredible, Laurie! Re: the ice fishing shacks – do people retrieve them, or do they just sink into the lake as the ice melts?

    1. Oh, no. People retrieve them. Wouldn’t be good for the ecology of the lake to just let the shacks sink.

  3. I love your snowy tree up against the blue skies….and the classic New England photo….looks like a scene from one of the chocolate boxes my mother used to buy and give as gifts!

    1. Thanks, Derrick! As for the patio…well, the snow will have to go down a bit before we can bring the tables out. 😉

  4. Beautiful photos. I am very jealous that you are so close to good Chinese food. We have good Thai in Damariscotta, but no decent Chinese . Good to know that Lucky Garden has good food!

  5. March does tend to be a muddy month. Even in Chicago, there aren’t many Chinese restaurants anymore. Where did they all go? We have no shortage of Thai, Indian, Mexican, etc.

    1. So do we! What the heck. It’s February. Time for that kind of weather in March. Plenty of time.

  6. Yes, dreary March ahead. As we all know this leads to mud season, roads with deep ruts, and squishy ground going to and from all the outbuildings. You know it’s March in Maine when you start to see wooden planks laid on the ground…gangplanks to get you safely down a path without sinking into the mud!

  7. March always gets me down, too . . . I expect it to be the beginning of something wonderful but it’s aways so gray and muddy and dirty. Still, I don’t mind seeing February come to an end!

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