34 thoughts on “An Early Valentine’s Day Present”

  1. Looks great! Enjoy.

    I am pouting because Burdick’s, one of the best chocolatiers that I know, stopped selling the Robert Burns chocolates a few days ago and doesn’t sell that kind of boozy chocolates again for a year. I had just gotten spoiled for them, and now can’t buy anymore since they now focus on Valentines and also Chinese New Year, but none of those hit the spot for me like the boozy Burns ones. Oh well–pout pout. The photo just made me whine a little. Sorry. I’m over it now.

    Enjoy yours. Assortments are so fun and yummy.

      1. I know. Oh well. All their stuff is great, so there would be plenty to buy, but the special combinations they make once a year of different kinds of Soctch and chocolate are just great, to me. There’s always next year–and it’ll be a big year for Robert Burns, who is clearly still dead but was born January 25, 1759.

      1. You were on my mind today as I impulsively bought a heart-shaped choc-mousse cake at Trader Joe’s. It was really good and may require another purchase! 😉

      2. Sounds so scrummy! I wish we had a Trader Joe’s that was closer. The nearest one is in Portland, over an hour away. Great story. Enjoy that mousse cake!

  2. Those 3 skinny ones on the bottom would be my first choice (all 3 of them). Tell Clif I think early celebrations are extra special. Enjoy the sweetness while we wait for spring. ❤

      1. If you found a local store that sells See’s, then I am oh so jealous! None around here, and we must order them online. Expensive with shipping, which means I only get them once a year. Probably just as well. 😉

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