Liam Update

Yesterday, readers expressed concern about Liam’s swollen nose, which probably happened when he ran into a fallen branch in the backyard. Today, he is looking much, much better. Here’s a shot of his handsome face, and the nose is hardly swollen at all.

However, on his nose, there are a few specks of snow, and they are there because Liam likes to do this:

Liam has always been a dog who has loved the snow, and blindness has not diminished his enthusiasm for crunching on snow when it is crusty or sticking his head in the snow when it is fluffy.

After all, he is Liam, Dog of the North.

(This picture was taken several years ago, and long-time readers will recognize it. An oldie but goodie, just like our dog buddy. )

36 thoughts on “Liam Update”

  1. Wonderful news, Laurie! Good to see that Liam is doing so fine. What a gorgeous dog he is. ❀ ❀ Lots of pats for Liam! xx

  2. I love that photo! As you can imagine, coming from Australia I have never seen a dog that loved snow…….Liam is too cute! (also makes me miss our dog, she had personality too.)

    1. Thanks so much! With his thick fur, Liam is a perfect dog for cold weather. Isn’t it fun to see places that are utterly different from where we ourselves live?

  3. Glad to hear Liam is better, Laurie. Many blessings to you for caring for him, blind and aged! I know what is involved in caring for older animals. My oldest cat is 22 now, the next oldest will be 16 in April.

    1. P.S. Just read your December newsletter but didn’t see a place for commenting. What lovely writing! Also, listened to your music. Again, so lovely. Anyway, just wanted you to know.

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