Five for Friday: Delights of Late November

It’s been quite a week for us. Not only did we celebrate my book’s first birthday, but we also received a package from across the pond, from England, of Sandra Dorey’s fabulous cards. Sandra, of Wild Daffodil,Β  is a blogging friend, and as much as I can, I try to support my blogging friends in their various creative endeavors.

As my photo indicates, Sandra used shells, bits of wood, flowers, and a crocheted piece to design her cards. These cards are beautifully printed on quality paper, and I will be saving them to send to very special people. The tagline for Sandra’s blog is “the joy of creativity,” and she means business. Sandra has more creativity in her little finger than most people have in their whole bodies.

On a more modest note, are the delights of the landscapes and skies in Winthrop in late November.

And my dog buddy Liam, who might be blind but is still game for going on walks.

Finally, my favorite tree on the Narrows Pond Road. Years ago, in 1998, it was beaten down by a destructive ice storm that knocked out the power to half the state. But it has healed and regained most of its former splendor.

Surely a lesson to give us courage as we go into the new year.



37 thoughts on “Five for Friday: Delights of Late November”

  1. I do love Sandra’s flower mandalas and her whimsical cards.
    Glad Liam is still getting around and please don’t remind me of that awful ice storm – that was baaaad! Glad the tree has recovered. πŸ™‚

    1. The cards are so beautiful. Yes, that ice storm was something else. And Liam presses on. Sweet boy!

  2. Beautiful pictures, Laurie. The light is short-lived right now, but quite wonderful.

  3. The cards are indeed fabulous! What artistic skill Sandra has! I love your photographs of the November skies and the special tree. A friendly pat and a stroke for Liam!

  4. Laurie! They got there! How exciting to see them on your blog. You say the nicest things πŸ™‚
    I’m so pleased you like them. I use a small local one-man-band printer, so I’m particulalry glad you like the quality of the print. I do hope your friends enjoy Maggie and her pals.
    I really appreciate your support – I love our happy band of blogging friends. ❀

    1. I would love to meet both of you. Someday…if my fantasy trip to England ever comes true.

  5. Those card are a work of art and love. What a bundle of creativity and time and patience went into them! I find November to be one of the dreariest months with the fall leaves gone and the lack of color. I am glad that you could bring us a bit of color and beauty.

    1. Those cards are amazing. For some reason I love the bleak landscape of November. Don’t know why. The only month I really dread is March.

  6. Don’t you just love seeing what creative people come up with? I do. Those cards are lovely. Congrats on your bookiversary.
    Hello to William. How old is he now?

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