Five for Friday: A Mummy’s Face?

Today I’m trying something new, something I borrowed from the blog Cimple, which regularly features a post called “A Week In Seven Pictures.” Seven pictures seemed like a lot, even though it really is just two more than five. But I like alliteration, and two less is, well, two less.

I don’t know how long I’ll stick with this—I’m not one for either routines or lists—but for now, here are my Five for Friday.

The winterberries, a species of holly, brighten Maine’s November landscape. They will soon brighten my winter arrangements.

Dry rocks, wet rocks. When will the ice come, I wonder?

Heart and leaves. Happy November!

The face behind the wire. Can anyone guess what this is? And, no, it really isn’t a mummy’s face.

The last of the leaves to be raked. We’ve raked about three quarters of the yard, and it’s always good when this chore is done. We hope to get them raked by Monday, at least, because Thanksgiving is fast approaching.

31 thoughts on “Five for Friday: A Mummy’s Face?”

  1. Great pictures. The concept reminds me of ‘Sunday Sevens’, i see on other blogs. I love hearts and leaves – and is that ‘mummy’ face a wasps’ nest or similar?

    1. Thanks! Yes, some kind of nest. My blogging friend Eliza says it’s the nest of paper wasps, and she knows an awful lot about the natural world.

    1. I don’t know. I’ve never seen them eat winterberries, and the berries seem relatively untouched. I’ll let you know if I see squirrels eating any.

  2. I’ve grown lazy with raking and take out the lawn mower to corral the leaves into windrows – so much easier on the shoulders and quicker, too. Nice paper wasp nest!

    1. That was very specific about the nest! So nice to have you as a blogging friend. Yes, the leaves can get a bit much. Almost done.

  3. I think I may join you in the five for Friday now that I’m struggling with seven.🙂 Beautiful photos, especially the heart and leaves. While I love photographing the leaves and think they are beautiful in the trees and on the ground, I’m now ready for the last leaf to fall and have a little vacation from the yard work.🙂

  4. Wasp or hornet’s nest I think. I love these photos! We have been lucky so far with leaves. The wind has blown so strongly most of the leaves have disappeared out of the garden to who knows where!

  5. The photos are beautiful, Laurie! Photo #4 looks like a hornets’ or wasps’ nest to me.

    28 degrees here this morning, with rain on the way later this afternoon. We’ll see if I get out to rake leaves today. 🙂

      1. I have seen enough of them from odd angles (under the deck, inside rolled up tarps, etc. to recognize them. Sort of a verceral response, as I anticipate feeling crawly legs and buzzing wings on my neck a second or two later. -Oscar

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