From Fried Chicken to a Golden Marsh

On Saturday, Clif and I went to Augusta, Maine’s small capital city, about ten miles from where we live. It was to be an afternoon of errands. The day was very fine—ridiculously so for Maine in mid-October—and we decided to slide in a couple of diversions to go with our errands.

First, and probably most important, we went to the Red Barn for lunch, and shared a basket of their delicious fried chicken.

Because the day was so warm and sunny, we were able to eat outside at one of the Barn’s many picnic table.Β  I know the chicken takes front and center stage, but you might have noticed Clif’s Hinterlands Press t-shirt in the background. (A little unplanned advertising of our very own press.) Yes, the day was warm enough to be comfortable outside in a t-shirt.Β  Let’s just say that the crisp days of autumn have yet to come.

After all that chicken, did we have room for dessert? We did, but not too much, and we split a whoopie pie, Maine’s official state treat. They are wicked good, that’s for sure.

Suitably fueled, we did our errands. My bruised leg is much better, and I think this is in large part due to the arnica gel I have been putting on it. (Xenia, of the blog Whippet Wisdom, suggested doing this. Many thanks!) Nevertheless, I stayed in the car for some of the errands and let Clif do the walking.

After the errands, on the drive home we stopped at a nearby marsh to get some fall pictures.

This marsh falls under the category of “looks are deceiving.” The pictures indicate that this marsh is somewhere off the beaten path, deep in the country, far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, this marsh is along one side of a busy highway with a wide breakdown lane. A good thing, too, or else it would be impossible to safely take pictures of this beautiful wetland. Even with the relative safety of the breakdown lane, it is not a peaceful area to stop and take pictures. Whiz, whiz, whiz go the cars. Still, it is such a lovely place that I can’t resist stopping, from time to time, to take pictures of the marsh.

Although we need wild places for creatures to live, and I am a firm believer in land and water conservation, I am also grateful to have this marsh off the busy highway between Augusta and Winthrop. I see it whenever we go into town. Every season brings fresh delights to the marsh, and right now it is golden in its autumn glory. Spring and summer bring a progression of light green to dark green, and in winter there is the stark beauty of ice and snow.

In many cases, nature is not an either-or proposition. Nature is all around us, in the wilderness, in the countryside, in suburbs, even in cities. (I’ve been told that Central Park is an excellent place for bird watching.)

All we have to do is look.


28 thoughts on “From Fried Chicken to a Golden Marsh”

  1. What a beautiful marsh this is Laurie and I love the Autumn light in your photographs! πŸ’œ So glad to hear your leg is feeling better and I hope you will be back to normal before too long β˜ΊπŸ’– xxx

    1. Thanks, Xenia. I’m on the exercise bike, and I hope to get in a few actual bike rides before the icy weather comes.

  2. Yes, I hope you are on the mend for sure! I have never been to the Red Barn, but I have heard about it… but looking at your photo makes me want to be there tonight!

  3. Marshes are one of my favorite habitats! beautiful colors! I have a good friend who grew up right here in Montville, attended College Of Atlantic, and now works for Audubon giving bird tours in Central Park!

    1. Many thanks! Yes, as I mentioned in my post, I have heard there is quite the variety of birds in Central Park. In Chicago, there is Lurie Gardens. And on it goes. Nature is all around us.

    1. Much better. still don’t like to do much standing or walking. Good thing I have Clif to help with errands. πŸ˜‰

  4. Glad to hear you leg is better. The Hinterlands Press shirt is nifty. Your first picture of the marsh would make a wonderful watercolor painting. I have trouble seeing shades of color but as I look at the sky I can see purple and pink and all shades of blue. The marsh has greens and reds and browns and yellows in the third picture. It makes me want to pull out my neglected paints and give it a try.

    1. Thanks, Beth. If you decide to paint a picture of the marsh, be sure to show it to me—even if it’s via a picture. Love those colors.

  5. Such a beautiful autumn you are having! The photographs of the marsh are wonderful – blue sky and golden reeds! It is good to know your leg is healing.

    1. Thanks, Clare. Because of the heat and the lack of rain, the leaves are not quite as vibrant as they often are in autumn. Still, October in Maine is utterly beautiful. The whole landscape is aglow.

    1. Thanks, Jodie. For our logo, Clif used a picture of a tree taken at one of our favorite beaches.

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