The Great Pumpkinfest: Part Two

Here are some more pictures from the Great Pumpkinfest in Damariscotta. Such a fun event! I plan to go back next year, but maybe on the Tuesday after the actual fest. That way, the pumpkins will be complete but won’t have started to decay, and there won’t be as many people.

Now, an interlude with a flower, a beautiful rose that somehow managed to bloom in October.  In Maine. It almost seems miraculous.

Back to pumpkins.

The end. Until next year.

35 thoughts on “The Great Pumpkinfest: Part Two”

  1. I heard never heard about this event so thanks for sharing. I looked at Susan Branch’s blog and saw she was in Maine and also at this fun event. A small world since I found your blog through Susan Branch and both of you are the only blogs I follow!🍁🍂🍃🎃🎑🍎

    1. Here’s something even more small worldish. I know the couple that Susan stayed with. In the 1990s, both Sharon and I belonged to a group called Maine Media Women. Pretty funny, huh? So glad you found me via Susan!

  2. Wow, such creativity! My favorites are the squashed witch (a la Wylie Coyote), the terrified little pumpkin and the cute barnyard, which must have been a hit with toddlers. 🙂

  3. I, too, wait to view the pumpkins until after the fest is over. We mostly have to go through Damariscotta to get home, so I tend to stay away from town! Too much crazy traffic!

  4. These people know how to have fun with pumpkins! I think your idea of visiting after the crowds have moved on is a good one, though . . .

  5. We love Damariscotta and go there often, but have always avoided Pumpkin Fest due to the crowds. So, I’m glad you shared. Maybe next year, we will follow your plan to go after the crowds are gone.

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