17 thoughts on “Riding the Rail Trail on Labor Day”

  1. J > What’s the name of the waterway? A lovely September day – weather just like here, now. Looks like a railway line that’s been ‘singled, the trail laid out on half the trackbed. Is that correct?

    1. Gorgeous weather. The waterway is the Kennebec River, one of Maine’s chief rivers. Fortunately, the trail runs beside the railway line, so that if Maine should ever come to its senses, trains could once again run on that track.

    1. Thanks, Jodie. We have really been diligent about riding our bikes, and the effects are so rewarding. I’m losing weight, my creaky knees are 50 percent better, and I have more energy. Win, win, win!

    1. Thanks, Clare. Such a great place for a bike ride. Along the Kennebec River, one of the major waterways in Maine.

    1. A beautiful place to ride, and best of all, no cars! Unfortunately, Maine doesn’t have many trails like that.

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