Three Things Thursday: Little Red Apples, Clif by the Bikes, Grapenut Ice Cream

My weekly exercise in gratitude, or as some of my blogging friends put it, three things that made me smile this week.

First, little red apples. For me, there is something about apples on a tree that fills my heart with joy. Could it be because apples are one of my favorite fruit? No doubt. But I also find them very beautiful—even the small ones, which I don’t eat. I took this picture at Norcross Point, a small park in town, and these gleaming gems have the advantage of being by water. Little red apples by water. It doesn’t get much better, does it?

Second, seeing Clif by the bikes. For our daily bike rides, we drive to Norcross Point right in town, where we park our car and then ride along lovely Maranacook Lake. After I was done taking pictures of the apples, I walked back to the car, and there was Clif, in his bright blue shirt, by the bikes and our little red car. It was such a pleasure to see this colorful tableau. Once again, I was filled with gratitude that we have these bikes and are able to ride nearly every day. We don’t go on long rides, but we are gaining strength as the summer goes on. And by gum, my creaky knees are not as creaky as they used to be.

And third, after a bike ride, what is more refreshing than ice cream? Especially when it comes from Gifford’s, a local company that, as my Yankee husband puts it, makes pretty darned good ice cream. Grapenuts is an old-fashioned flavor made from that crunchy cereal once favored by the famous naturalist Euell Gibbons. (He compares the flavor to wild hickory nuts, and the ice cream does indeed have a pleasant nutty taste.) My grandmother loved Grapenuts ice cream, and back then it was only available at ice cream stands. Therefore, when we went out for ice cream, that’s what she always would get. When I eat Grapenuts ice cream, I think of my grandmother. Here’s to you, MΓ©mΓ¨re.

34 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday: Little Red Apples, Clif by the Bikes, Grapenut Ice Cream”

  1. Three wonderful things to be grateful for Laurie :o) I have never seen such small red apples before and they look lovely, especially by the water.The grape nuts icecream is new to me too and I love how it reminds you of your grandmother :o) xxx

    1. We call them crab apples, and they are very common in Maine. The ice cream is pretty tasty. The grapenuts give it a nice nutty flavor.

  2. My mother loves grapenuts also. I will have to get her some before the summer is over. Today was the perfect day for a ride. Hope you had a nice one.

    1. Oh, yes! After four months of riding (and losing weight!), they are 50 percent better. I can actually go up and down the stairs like an adult, instead of taking them one by one, the way a small child does.

  3. With all this sunshine, I imagine you have been able to get quite a bit of bike riding in. Such gorgeous days we’ve been having.

  4. Three great things to be grateful for. Gratitude is a good practice in my experience. It gives me a happier perspective on life. I had Gifford’s ice cream when we were in Maine last summer. It was delicious! We didn’t have Grape Nuts flavor – a cereal I used to love, but haven’t had for a few years. I used to put out in yogurt for breakfast. Have a wonderful week!

  5. We drove on Sunday to the ice cream place in a nearby village. The line was so long, we had to leave! I love grapenut ice cream too. Was a big favourite (along with rum and raisin) in the Jamaica of my childhood.

  6. Crab apples make great jelly (by which I mean the clear stuff you strain through a bag). As I know you call jam jelly I assume you call jelly something else. I’m not yet fully bilingual. πŸ™‚

    1. For us, jam has seeds and jelly doesn’t. So you could have both raspberry jam and jelly, depending on how you make it. But, you can only have apple jelly because who wants a spread with apple seeds in it? πŸ˜‰

  7. I love the three things Thursday theme and the photo of the apples by the lake! Thank you for the good reminder that I did not ride the bike enough this summer and need to make up for that in the autumn.πŸ™‚

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