Three Things Thursday: The Theater at Monmouth, Summer Vegetables, My Garden Toads and Frogs

My weekly tribute to gratitude…

First, the Theater at Monmouth. In the center of Monmouth, a town next to Winthrop, reigns this beautiful building—Cumston Hall, built in the early 1900s for the then princely sum of $20.000. It’s quite a shock to drive through this small rural town (population circa 4, 000) and come across stately, ornate Cumston Hall.

The building houses the town’s library, and it is also home to the Theater at Monmouth. Here’s a little blurb from the Theater’s website: “Theater at Monmouth is a year-round repertory company of professional theatre artists from across Maine and the United States. Founded in 1970, the Theater was named The Shakespearean Theater of Maine by the Maine State Legislature in 1975. Performances are held in Cumston Hall, listed on the National Register of Historic Buildings since 1976.”

A couple of weeks ago, we saw a wonderful, heart-felt production of Othello. This afternoon Clif and I are going to see The Learned Ladies by Molière. As I have written in a previous post, I feel so fortunate that I can live in a rural part of the state and yet still have access to art.

A side note: When our eldest daughter went to college and took a Shakespeare course, the other students were amazed that she had seen so many of Shakespeare’s plays actually performed on stage. (As opposed to a film version.) Especially since she came from Maine. Thank you, Theater at Monmouth.

Second, and a little more down to earth, summer vegetables fresh from a Maine garden—our own Farmer Kev’s.

Greens are all very well and good, but give me fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and any number of late summer vegetables, and I am one happy, happy woman.

Third, now we go to the silly—my garden toads and frogs.

All right, I know that they are a little tacky and that a sophisticated gardener wouldn’t dream of putting them in her garden, but I don’t care. I smile every time I see them, and I imagine them frolicking at night, joining the real frogs and toads who inhabit my garden.

I have such a fondness for frogs and toads, which might be one of the reasons I included the Toad Queen in my own Maya and the Book of Everything.

Jump, Ribbet, Hop!

34 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday: The Theater at Monmouth, Summer Vegetables, My Garden Toads and Frogs”

  1. It is so lovely to have a local theater and you are very blessed being able to see plays so close to home. Those vegetables look delicious and your frog looks like he is ready to party! :o) xxx

  2. The first time I drove through Monmouth, which wasn’t that long ago, I could not believe that building! It really is nice to have cultural experiences of that calibre even in rural Maine! And I love your toads, too.

    1. They are so tasty. Milder than many of the other sweet peppers and easier on the stomach.

  3. Your little toad makes me smile. I didn’t realize the Theater at Monmouth is open all year. I’ll have to pay better attention to its schedule – and when Piper gets older….

    1. In a few years, Piper will be exactly the right age to go the summer children’s play.

  4. Love the Theater at Monmouth! When my kiddos were young I would take them to the children’s performance there every summer. It is a special place and such a treat here in the state of Maine.
    Also….nice veggies!

    1. The Theater at Monmouth is a gem. And it is about five or six miles from where we live. Lucky us!

  5. To be able to experience live theatre is a life-changing experience to my mind. To have a theatre near-by that is open all year round is a luxury! Fresh summer vegetables are to die for! I have never seen a purple pepper!
    We have a little stone toad with green eyes that lurks in our garden. I understand your fondness for them. We have real toads and frogs too and I saw a toad yesterday that was only as big as my thumbnail. So cute!

    1. We have little ones here, too, and they are darling. Movies are terrific—Clif and I are film buffs—but there’s nothing like theater. As I’ve mentioned perhaps too many times, we are so lucky to live in a rural area and also have access to so much art. Purple peppers are my favorite. Very mild and therefore easier on the stomach. πŸ˜‰

    1. By gum, I can listen to them through the links you sent, and I will listen to a whole episode sometime soon. Many thanks!

      1. Wow! That’s great – I wonder what you will think – sometimes British humour doesn’t travel well – I’m fascinated to see how this comdey lands with you.It helps if you know a bit about the Bloomsbury set, but not essential – just thinking of the British aristocracy in the 1920s will do I think.

  6. Straford-Upon-Avon was pretty rural in the day too. Hurrah for regional theatre companies… let the tourists fill in Time-Square. Stage-local.

    Home grown anything is delicious.

    Yard are, the tackier the better. That is true class.

  7. I love your toad. I have a cement frog that has been in the garden so long he is almost unrecognizable as a frog to anyone who firsts encounters him. For some reason we named him Roberto…something we saw on television so long ago we can’t remember…I enjoyed your post. What a gorgeous building and yummy veggies too.

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