22 thoughts on “The Blooming of Frances Williams”

    1. The lighting was absolutely perfect—bright overcast. As soon as I noticed the light, out I went with my wee wonder of a camera.

      1. Lighting is such a thing! The other evening my husband and I saw some rare bird in the treeline. It was this magnificent, glowing, beautiful, never before seen bird. We ran in for the binoculars & then realized it was a robin in the sunset.

      2. Lighting makes a huge difference in how pictures turn out. And with outside photography, that lighting can change fast.

  1. This made me think of an old song my grandma used to sing—it is about a different flower— the Lily of the valley… It goes: W
    White choral bells upon a slender stalk,
    Lilies of the valley deck my garden walk.
    Oh don’t you wish that you could hear them ring,
    That will only happen when the fairies sing!

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful flower.❤

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