A Sad Fourth of July

Tomorrow—July Fourth—is a big day for our country,  a time to celebrate its birthday. Accordingly, there will be parades, picnics, barbecues, and fireworks.

We will be having friends over for an appetizers and salad party, where Clif will make his legendary grilled bread. I’ve made a homemade vanilla ice cream pie, and I’ll drizzle blueberry and strawberry preserves over the slices for a touch of red and blue to go with the white.

I wish I could write that I am approaching this holiday with excitement and joy, but I am not. Never, since I have been politically aware—a necessary qualifier—have I seen the U.S. in such a terrible state,  with a leader who feels perfectly comfortable tweeting about women and blood and a congress gleefully intent on stripping millions of people of health care while giving huge tax breaks to the rich. In short, it is heartbreaking to see what this country has become.

I know. We’ve been in dark places before, and we’ve somehow manage to work our way out of them.  So perhaps we will  be able to shake off the greed, hate, nastiness, and fear that has gripped this country and emerge better and wiser. But, of course, there are no guarantees.

Therefore in sadness and in hope, I am posting a picture of this lily, a lone survivor of lily beetles and marauding  skunks intent on finding grubs.

May this country survive its marauders and bloom, bloom, bloom.


31 thoughts on “A Sad Fourth of July”

  1. My sympathy is with you – the world is going through a most terrible time – I often despair at the way humans behave. My sense of it is that we must make the best of our own small corners and spread the love where we can. That’s why I love the connections I make whilst blogging – it gives me hope! ❤

    1. Thanks so much! Yes, the wonderful connections we make through blogging do indeed give us hope. And I so agree about making the best of our own small corners of the world and spreading the love where we can.

    2. Oh, I agree about spreading love in our small corners! It all seems so sad and crazy and HUGE – the problems in the world. But I can be kind and honest and thoughtful to everyone I meet. I can be a good wife and mom and friend and employee. I can do my best every day and think positive thoughts. I know I won’t change the world this way – but it’s all I know how to do.

      1. Hear, hear, Jodie! In a way, what you are describing is a sort of resistance, don’t you think?

  2. I completely agree with you and Wild Daffodil. (Love the name.) I find it heartening that a lot of young women are now becoming politically active and that some plan to run for office. Good can come from any bad situation, which does not mean the situation should have happened, but there can be good. I believe too that we should focus on our little corners of the world and spread good. I can never resolve my sadness for the young children in our country who are now growing up in a culture such as ours is becoming, and who will inherit a world with such environmental devastation that this administration is allowing. We can teach them good values but we can’t change that bullying is being applauded and the devastation to our physical world.

    1. Yes, yes, Betsy! Young women are becoming politically active. Yay! Still, such a sad, discouraging time for this country.

  3. Totally agree. It’s a rough one, but as everyone has mentioned, so many more people are becoming politically active. Our president certainly is the embodiment of greed, bigotry, misogyny, and the list goes on, and it is an awful example for all of us. Just have to keep the faith that we will muddle through!

    1. Yes, I am also hoping that we muddle through. What a time for this country!

    1. Interesting times is right. Here’s to better days! Perhaps that will be our Fourth of July toast.

  4. Applause to you for tackling a subject that is as volatile as dynamite. I don’t even want to weigh in with specifics so I will just say that tomorrow will be more like a weekend day than the 4th of July, and we will find an outdoor activity that makes us happy. While we are outdoors and enjoying Mother Nature’s art work, I will say a few prayers for all of us because our current situation is not where most of us want to be.

    1. Thanks, Judy. Notes from the Hinterland is not a political blog, but every once in a while I must speak out, especially now that our political situation is so dire. I was very moved by your comment. So many of us are not in a celebratory mood right now. In fact, I don’t think it’s an overstatement to write that many of us mourn for what this country has become. The day is beautiful in central Maine, and I expect the same is true for you. Enjoy your time spent outside.

  5. J & D > We know how you feel, though we don’t have a 4th July equivalent to give focus to it. Democracy, to work well, requires an educated, engaged, informed, enlightened, and socially responsible electorate. Unfortunately, in the UK, as in the US, it’s proved economically and politically expedient to sideline those who don’t meet those criteria … and that’s what has led to the mess we’re in now.

    1. Thanks so much for your kind and insightful words! I absolutely agree. Today, our Fourth of July toast will be to better times, not only for this country but for the world.

  6. We are living in such troubled times, Laurie. My thoughts are with you and I hope you can enjoy your day with friends and family xx

  7. Amen, sister–these are times that try our souls. May the thoughts of the original patriots, who formed this country to be great, sustain us and inspire us.

  8. I share your sentiments. We spent our 4th in Denali National Park and celebrated one of the things that makes America great – our national park system. We must cherish and preserve it – truly is a national treasure.

  9. I’m tempted to ask you what the difference is between Donald Trump and King George III – answer, one was a madman of German descent and the other…er…

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