What a Day for a Bike Ride

Despite what the calendar might say, summer is here. The leaves are deep green and mature, and the heat has come. While I enjoy summer, I am always sorry to see sweet spring depart in such a rush. Stay, stay a little longer, I always wish, but of course she never does.

On Saturday, summer’s arrival was more than evident. The day was sunny and warm—perfect for a bike ride. We decided to extend our ride from eight to twelve miles, with a mile of it being steady uphill all the way.

Clif packed our bikes on the car,

and  we headed to the parking lot by the public beach.

We pedaled from Winthrop to Readfield, the town next to us,

where we moved from lake views to prospects of fields and a mountain.  How lucky we are to live in such a lovely, rural place with  many fine places to ride a bike.

On the way back, it was downhill for a good part of the way. My bike tires hummed on the road, the wind blew across my face, and I could smell the warm grass of the fields and the cool balsam of the woods. Finally, we were back to the water.

At the beginning of May, I decided the time had come to get back in shape. For various reasons—chiefly, working on my novel Maya and the Book of Everything—I had let exercise slip by the wayside. At my age, it is never a good thing to do this, and I felt flabby and weak. So I went on the exercise bike, the road to nowhere, six days a week.

And now, in the middle of June, I see the payoff. I am not as strong as I want to be, but my oh my the progress I’ve made since the beginning of May. Very heartening.

Onward and Onward!

32 thoughts on “What a Day for a Bike Ride”

    1. It surely is. Not quite as dramatic as where you live, but we enjoy the quiet beauty of central Maine.

  1. Good for you – that’s impressive mileage! It looks so summery, esp. the reader at the lake. A welcome change from winter, eh? 😉

    1. Yes, it is! So looking forward to putting on more mileage as summer progresses.

  2. What beautiful views! The leaves are such a dark green that you see in the summer! Also, good job on deciding to get back into shape. Thinking about doing it is the easy part, but actually doing it is the hard part that a lot of people don’t even do. I hope you continue to get stronger!

  3. Regular exercise really does pay off as we get older. I started swimming regularly about 18 months ago and I certainly feel better for it… sadly the views aren’t quite so good as yours!

    1. For over a year, I didn’t even think of exercise, and the results have not been good. Time to buckle down.

  4. Well done, Laurie! I must do more exercise! I have cut down on the eating, especially the sugary stuff but I’m not losing weight 😦 Your countryside looks wonderful! That bench under the tree by the lake….!

    1. So hard to lose weight, especially when you’re a good eater, which I most certainly am. We live in a very beautiful town and have many wonderful places to go for a bike ride.

  5. Good for you, Laurie. Readfield is a beautiful town, and Kent’s Hill as well. When we are on our way to our pigeon club in Jay we always stop at the Apple Shed for some sustenance!

  6. I applaud your amazing physical efforts – wow. Congrats for hanging in there and meeting your goals. Maybe I should send you a photo to put in your pocket because that is the only way I’d be able to travel 12 miles on a bike. 🙂

    1. It is amazing what steady biking on the road to nowhere will do for you. The beginning of May, I was in your camp. But if you send me your photo, I’ll be sure to put it in my bike bag so that you can travel along with me 😉

  7. You’re doing such an impressive job of sticking to your commitment! I trying to get more fit, too, and need to get the bike tires filled with air. You described that feeling of zipping downhill, with humming tires, so well!

  8. I have never had the discipline to exercise inside on machines for more than about a week. I would rather walk or run outside in the pouring rain or snow! So, I imagine it must feel wonderful to trade in your exercise bike for a real one. And what glorious days we are having this week. Ride away!

    1. I know just what you mean. I, too, would rather be outside in any kind of weather. However, because of arthritis, biking really is the best form of exercise for me. And so I bike, on the road to nowhere when the weather isn’t good, and outside when it’s warm enough and the road are free of slush.

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