Maya at Vassalboro’s Summer Reading Festival on June 3

This Saturday—on June 3, at 2:00 p.m.—I will be the featured author at Vassalboro Public Library’s Summer Reading Festival.  There will be food, African Drumming, a book fair, crafts, and Maya and the Book of Everything.

I’m so looking forward to this. East Vassalboro and the Vassalboro Public Library are key elements in my book, and how wonderful it will be to go there with my presentation about using real life in a fantasy novel.

While I’ll be highlighting the real places I used—Waterville as well as East Vassalboro—I’ll also be reading a section where Maya has her eyes peeled by the giant Toad Queen.

Nothing like a little eye-peeling to pique interest in my book 😉



19 thoughts on “Maya at Vassalboro’s Summer Reading Festival on June 3”

  1. Wow – sounds like a great presentation. You know I’d be in the front row if I lived anywhere near! I’ve always been fascinated by the relationship between real life and fiction.

  2. I am in charge of the Friends of the Hartland Library yard sale that day or I would come. I will be there in spirit and look forward to hearing about the event. Enjoy!

    1. A leap of faith for Maya, that’s for sure! One of several that she had to make 😉

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