23 thoughts on “Miracle of Miracles!”

  1. Wowsa!! It was just about a week and a half ago that you were still getting snow storms and had a heavy cover. Spring certainly took its time coming but it has arrived with a vengeance! 😛 Enjoy!!

    1. Shannon, you got that right! It hardly seems possible. Yesterday, I swept the patio. One week ago, it was covered with snow. Son of a biscuit!

      1. Woo- hooo! Happy spring to you! I’m guessing those short sleeves on Cliff was just him showing off & after the picture he ran in and put on a sweatshirt. : )

    1. Yay! Even for New England, it is almost beyond comprehension to go in one week from lots of snow on the patio to a bare—and swept!—patio. And drinks!

  2. It’s an impressive change from winter to spring. If you were in the UK I’d probably be thinking about complaining it was getting too hot by now. However, it won’t be for a while as we look like we’ll be needing umbrellas and a sense of humour this weekend.

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