A Good Night’s Sleep

Last night, I went to bed at about 11:30 p.m., and I slept straight through until nearly 8:00 a.m. without waking up once. Now for younger folks, this might not sound like much of an achievement. It might even sound a little boring.

But as I have, ahem,  reached a certain age, a full night’s sleep often eludes me.

And why did I sleep so well last night? It wasn’t because of medication—I didn’t even take a Benadryl.

Could it be because the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was not repealed, and I still have affordable health insurance, at least for the moment? (With the Republican plan, it was estimated that we’d have to pay over 50 percent of our income for my health insurance. There was no way we could afford this, even if we cut out all our simple pleasures.)

Ever since Trump was elected president, I have been worrying about my health care. Simply put, I did not have a Plan B if health insurance jumped to over 50 percent of our income. And this past few weeks, when the drumbeat for repealing the ACA grew ever louder, I have been worrying even more.

But it seems the Republicans are a house divided—the proposed replacement bill was too drastic for the moderates and not draconian enough for the radicals. Hence, not enough votes to repeal the current ACA. President Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan pulled the bill, and as Ryan noted, the ACA is the law of the land for the foreseeable future.

No wonder I slept so well!

Now, if only the Republicans would work with the Democrats to fix what is wrong with the ACA. I know some people whose insurance premiums, while not technically unaffordable, are too expensive and will not cover certain tests. The ACA was a start, not the finish, and with proper amending, these problems could be fixed.

But at least the Affordable Care Act wasn’t ditched, and maybe, just maybe, it will someday be put to rights so that the ACA benefits all who need it.

I can hope.




27 thoughts on “A Good Night’s Sleep”

  1. You must meant 8:00 am…? But– actually I’ve long suspected you to be time traveler. So…now your secret is out. 🙂

  2. Glad you have had a good night’s sleep – I too find them hard to come by sometimes as I and the dogs get older…. if it isn’t me suffering from insomnia, it’s one of them telling me a trip to the garden is required!
    We are watching in fascinated horror what’s going on in the US… it’s hard to look away and it certainly isn’t helping me sleep either.

    1. Yes, we have that problem with an older dog, too. Ah, well! As for the horror of our country’s government…I can only imagine what it must look like across the Atlantic. But do take heart! There are so many good people who are protesting all the various outrages proposed, and this is one of the reasons why the terrible health care bill proposed by the Republicans failed.

  3. A sigh of relief not just for yourself, but no doubt, in the back of your mind, worry for other people, too. A one time mother-in-law of mine used to sit on the side of her bed in the night suffering from the symptoms of whatever was wrong with her heart. She worked as a nurse’s aide her entire life and they didn’t make much money. She had just gotten her hospital and doctor bills paid off in full and didn’t want to rack them up again by going back to the doctor. You can imagine how that story ended.

    1. I can, Ginene, and it makes me so sad to think about it. As I mentioned in a previous comment, in a decent society, good affordable health care is the right of every citizen.

      1. So terrible! And it doesn’t have to be this way. No other wealthy country does this to its citizens.

  4. I was also greatly relieved when the drive to repeal the ACA failed. A lot can be said about this, but the bottom line I think is that most of the Republicans don’t really believe that the government has any role in ensuring people have health coverage. At the same time, they are afraid of the political consequences of actually doing what they want. You are right that the ACA needs improvement, but first we have to have a consensus that affordable coverage for all should be a goal of government.

    1. Jason, I think you are exactly right about the Republicans’ philosophy and fears. And I completely agree that affordable coverage should be a goal of government. In a decent society, good, affordable health care is the right of every citizen.

  5. I thought of you when the debacle played out and the ACA was left standing. Watching the warring factions eat each other would be entertaining if it wasn’t so depressing. A good night’s sleep is like a precious gift, isn’t it?

    1. It certainly is! Especially with all the worry about what I would do if the Republicans succeeding in gutting the ACA. So very scary!

  6. I’m glad you are relieved. You’re one of the Americans I have thought about during this time, Laurie, as you’d mentioned this concern. You’re so right – the ACA needs improving, not throwing out. Obama himself said as much.

    1. Yes, yes! Thanks, Cynthia! I felt as though a huge weight had been lifted from me.

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