Of Chocolate Mousse and Cupcakes

Yesterday, the weather turned frigid again—7° Fahrenheit with a brisk wind. Oh my, it was brisk. And yet some people were waiting in line at Fielder’s Choice for ice cream. They were either really brave, awfully numb, or a combination of the two.

Not Clif and me. We had a gift certificate to Barnes & Noble, and we went to the cafe for tea, chocolate mousse, and a cupcake. Very tasty and ever so much better than waiting outside for ice cream in such cold weather.

We also bought a copy of The Atlantic, and we have decided to subscribe to this excellent magazine in honor of our fortieth wedding anniversary.

Since the last presidential election, Clif and I are committed to supporting the various media who believe that facts do matter. Yes, subscriptions cost money, but we consider this money well spent.

In the land of alternative facts, never have publications such as the New York Times, The New Yorker, or The Atlantic seemed so important.

22 thoughts on “Of Chocolate Mousse and Cupcakes”

  1. Not sure why–but I too love ice cream in frigid, bitter-cold weather! Just had some while reading your post. Must confess– I also longingly looked at that chocolate mousse of yours… 🙂

    1. “Bucket of nonsense” is a perfect description! And, yes, The Atlantic is an excellent magazine.

  2. I was at an event yesterday where they asked everyone to subscribe to one newspaper or magazine to promote the free press. Good for you for doing so. Boy, what a nice way to celebrate.

    1. Very important! I think the current political climate has made many of us realize how important quality journalism is.

  3. You two are having an awful lot of fun! Best Wishes on your Anniversary. You are celebrating it beautifully.

    And, a big YES to The Atlantic. Excellent journalism is essential to bringing us through these dark times.

    1. We are having a lot of fun! Yes, The Atlantic is an excellent magazine. As I noted in my piece, a subscription is money well spent.

    1. They’re very food oriented, I know. But it’s March in Maine! Not exactly the time for strolling on the beach 😉

  4. Those cupcakes look soooo good. I have heard that people in other parts of the country don’t eat ice cream in the winter like New Englanders. I don’t understand that.
    Guess what I plan to get cooking for our enjoyment during our storm. Your soup!

    1. The cupcake was pretty tasty! Yes, New Englanders eat ice cream in any weather. Hope you enjoy that soup! Let me know, if you get a chance.

  5. I couldn’t agree more about supporting quality journalism these days. It’s incredibly important. We have always had newspaper subscriptions–including print copies (I love to hold my morning paper). And, sharing your way of thinking, we recently got subscriptions to the Atlantic and the Economist. I cannot think of money better spent.

    1. Yes, yes! The sliver lining to the dark cloud we’re in is that the country may finally be waking up to the fact that we need quality journalism, and it’s worth paying for.

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