What the World Needs Now…

Happy Valentine’s Day to all readers near and far. Such a sweet holiday to show love for  your partner, your children, your friends, and even yourself.

In the spirit of, ahem, treating myself,  I’ll be heading to the store tomorrow, if the weather allows, to get a box of chocolates for half price. As we Mainers would say, it’s a wicked good deal to get chocolates the day after Valentine’s.

Unfortunately, it’s supposed to snow yet again, and I might not be able to go out and get those chocolates. But, there’s a good chance some will still be available on Thursday, so all is not lost.

Clif and I have been married for many, many years. In fact, we have a big anniversary coming up next month, but more about that when it’s closer to the day. Once upon a time, I would have been seriously miffed if Clif forgot to get me something for Valentine’s Day, and indeed that did happen now and then.

Somehow, though, gift-giving holidays have faded in significance for Clif and me, and often we don’t exchange gifts at all for birthdays. We might go out for a special treat, say, Chinese food, or a bike ride and call it good. It’s not that I don’t appreciate receiving presents—I sure do, and my daughters give me lovely ones—but when it comes to Clif, it doesn’t matter at all.

We have a good life together. We support each other in our various projects, and we help each other out. Age has mellowed both of us, and it seems like a blessing rather than a loss not to make a fuss about holidays and birthdays.

However, after writing the above, I must confess that every year I like coming up with a Valentine’s card to send to my special daughters and a few special friends. I was especially pleased with how this year’s card turned out—just the way I envisioned it, which doesn’t always happen, that’s for sure. Also, blue is my favorite color.


I’ll be using this card for birthdays as well as Valentine’s Day.

After all, what the world needs now, is love, sweet love, and true blue as well.


23 thoughts on “What the World Needs Now…”

  1. I just love this card and the sentiments you express. John and I are approaching a similar milestone. As we shoveled and blew snow together, I thought, “This is what it is all about.” We celebrated with some blueberry scones – a new recipe. They were delicious. I must make them for you and Clif some time. Happy Valentines Day.

  2. I like what you said about gifts exchanges between you and Clif. I get it! Bob and I have been married for 54 years. For us the important thing is that we’re together. We love and respect each other. That’s more than enough.

  3. We stopped at the local grill for Valentine’s Day dinner on the way home from work. Our Honda Civic was the foriegner among the jacked-up trucks in the parking lot. Other than the ladies wearing red vests or sweaters, we would have not known it was Valentines Day. The restaurant specials? Half-price burgers and wings. Yup, that’s what the guys were there for. We ordered the beef stroganoff and beef medallion steak. No monster trucks squished our car. Happy day-after Valentine’s chocolate special purchases.

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