The Snows of February

On Tuesday we had a nice little snowstorm where the snow was light and fluffy, and we didn’t get too much—five inches, maybe.

This meant that on Wednesday, it was time for Clif to put on his warm clothes, plug in Little Green, and do some cleaning.



After a snowstorm, it is always so pretty at the little house in the big woods. I love the blues on the snow and the sweep of it across the yard and into the woods.



In my arrangement on the porch, it looked as though the dried flowers were wearing a snow cap.


And a pileated woodpecker decided the tree at the end of the driveway was the perfect place to search for lunch.


Clif and I discussed whether the tree should come down, but, in fact, in the backyard we have several trees with similar holes, and they have been standing for years. But we’ll definitely keep an eye on this one.

We’ll also be keeping an eye on the weather as a nor’easter blows up the northeastern seaboard. New York and Massachusetts are supposed to get the worst of it, but the Maine coast will probably get its fair share. In central Maine, the prediction is for six to eight inches of snow. We shall see.

One thing is certain. Tomorrow, Clif will be out with Little Green, clearing the driveway and the various paths.





27 thoughts on “The Snows of February”

  1. Laurie – Thank you so much for the signed sticker for my copy of Maya. And your note was just lovely, as was the card it was written on (a Laurie Graves original, I’m betting.) And the Maya calendar is perfect for my new office – I was so interested to see the quote you chose to highlight. Than you so much for everything – And you’re right, blogging friends are for real!

    xoxo Stay warm – Our storm was a fizzle – not even an inch.

    1. Aw, you’re so very welcome. Yes, the card is a Laurie Graves original πŸ˜‰ Such a pleasure to have so many blogging friends. You might be interested in knowing that Clif chose the quote for the calendar, and I thought it was perfect. We got 8″ of snow, and more to come! Shaping up to be quite the snowy winter.

      1. So interesting that Cliff chose the quote. It has really stuck with me – How much does any of us really want to see? Quite profound. Totally perfect. Your snow is lovely, as is your apple pie! Stay warm! xoxo

      2. Thanks, Jodie! Yes, many people prefer not to see. And that warm apple pie really hit the spot.

  2. The fresh clean snow ❄always looks so nice! I’m glad for a cozy, in my chair snowday; lots of reading to do under the afghan.

  3. We are snug inside and today I am ordering some books to donate to the library for Women’s History Month. We will be out clearing later but for now your pictures remind me of the beauty of winter.

  4. In my opinion, that’s just the right amount of snow, although I don’t know how Clif feels about it. That woodpecker must have been busy from the amount of wood chips in the snow.

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