What I’ve Been Reading Online: “I Haven’t Always Been an Activist”

As I have written previously,  I follow many different kinds of blogs, but the trait they all share is creativity, which comes in many, many forms.  As far as I’m concerned, creativity is as essential to life as breathing. It is the spark that keeps us going and makes life worthwhile. But there. I’ve written about this before, too.

Because I am so frequently blown away by the creativity of my blog friends, from time to time I’m going to share a particular post that was especially inspiring. I do want to note that, in fact, I could be featuring posts every single day as so many terrific posts come my way. Now, if that isn’t something to grateful for, then I don’t know what is.

Today’s featured post is “I Haven’t Always Been an Activist” from Beth Clark’s blog Piecing It Together. Along with being a blog friend, Beth is also a personal friend—she and her husband live about an hour away from us—and I have known her for many years. Not only is she a good writer, but she also cooks, sews, knits, does a multitude of crafts, and takes lovely pictures. Those things alone would be fine examples of someone living a creative life, but Beth has currently added “activist” to the list.

In her post Beth chronicles the process of how she became an activist and how this did not happen overnight. It was a slow process, speeded up by the political events of the past six years. Spoiler alert: Here are Beth’s powerful concluding lines, written in reflection after calling an elected official: “I am not a robo-caller; I am not someone outside your legislative district; I am not being paid or coerced into calling your office. I am a woman and a voter and you cannot close your line to me. I will be heard. I am an activist.”

Wow seems like an inadequate response, but wow is what I feel. How proud I am to be her friend.

Here is the link to “I haven’t Always Been an Activist.”

13 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Reading Online: “I Haven’t Always Been an Activist””

  1. Thanks for your kind words and support, Laurie. You were the original one to plant the seed for me, giving so many cogent reasons why you appreciated town meetings as a place to experience the political process and our rights as citizens. Since that time, I have made it a practice to attend town meetings whenever possible, and I attend with a appreciation for the opportunity to do so.

    1. I might have planted the seed, but you nourished and made it grow. Such an inspiration to us all.

  2. Creative people are the best – and not often given to activism, I think. Our internal nature keeps us inside ourselves. At least that is how it is with me. I feel things profoundly, but am not likely to share. Bravo, to you, Beth – for pushing.

    1. True enough! However, I feel that activism and its quieter sister, volunteerism, are a form of creativity.

  3. I had never thought of activism and volunteerism as forms of creativity, but I think you are right! Thanks for sharing Beth’s thoughtful post.

    1. You’re very welcome. And I have a broad definition of creativity. To me, a creative life can encompass many things.

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