26 thoughts on “Ice Song”

    1. Not literally on my doorstep, but not too far from where I live. Winthrop is in the lakes region of Maine, and it’s beautiful year round.

  1. Looks beautiful year-round also! I’m located a short walk to Annabessacook Lake. Winthrop is a lovely place to live.

  2. Thank YOU for everything…all your posts, the beautiful TY card. Everything. I’m SO glad I know YOU! XOXOXO

    1. Aw, thanks Melissa! I consider myself a rank amateur, and I use a tiny point and shoot Canon (PowerShot Elph 350 HS) that is nevertheless a wonder. (I call it my wee wonder of a camera.) It has its limitations, to be sure, but I am constantly amazed by the good photos it gives me. Someday, I hope to progress to a more complicated camera, but right now my wee wonder is perfect for me. I can concentrate on the framing of the photos and not worry about the camera’s settings.

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