A Snappy Review of Maya and the Book of Everything

The other day, I was reading Lisa’s blog, Arlingwords and her post  “The Constant Reader, Remodel or Not.”   Much to my surprise and delight, I discovered that Lisa had read Maya and the Book of Everything. Here is what she wrote in that post:

“I turned to the blogosphere’s own Laurie Graves of Notes from the Hinterland. She has written Maya and the Book of Everything and it’s a wild ride. This one does not move at a stately pace, but whirls you along through time (and, dare I say, space) with magic books of knowledge. This is a young adult novel and it takes on issues of knowledge, truth, facts, and the responsibility to use them wisely for the good of the world. There is a hint that it may be the first in a series. I’m beginning to understand all those adults who were reading the Harry Potter books. Write on, Laurie!

Thanks so very much, Lisa!

The funny thing is that for years and years, I had a problem with plotting. I could come up with characters, but I wasn’t quite sure what to do with them.

Well, I guess I’ve figured out how to plot a YA novel.

As Eliza Waters might put it, onward, ho to Library Lost.

18 thoughts on “A Snappy Review of Maya and the Book of Everything”

  1. I am a slow reader and still have a bit to go, but I agree with Lisa’s comments. Even without having finished the book, I am already looking forward to read the next installment. Write on!

    1. I, too , only have a few precious minutes allotted to reading per day these days, so I am also moving slowly – but it’s all I can to to put that book down at the end of the day. It grabbed me from the beginning. And, although I see it’s a young adult book, because there’s nothing offensive, it has all this adult needs to be enthralled.

  2. Great review. I still have a few books in the cue ahead of it, but I’ve been itching to get to it as I see it on the coffee table several times a day (I showed it to my book group, too). I’m hoping that next week the whirlwind (and the fatigue) slows down so I can dig into it.
    I love that it will be a series!

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