Puppy Magic

Two days ago, I went to visit Magic, the new puppy in the neighborhood. Although he has indeed grown in a week, he is still at that adorable, plump puppy stage. So cute, so sweet!

The day was sunny and warm, which meant we could go outside and watch him play in the backyard. It wasn’t easy to get a picture of romping Magic, but I snapped away and even got a few good ones.




I have always loved babies of all sorts, but somehow as I get older, I find it especially heartening to see new life.  On the cycle goes—spring, summer, fall, winter, and back to spring. We are all a part of it, whatever stage we are in.


23 thoughts on “Puppy Magic”

  1. I like what you wrote, about the life cycle, that’s a good way of looking at it. And I am amazed you got a rambunctious pup running free to stop long enough for a snap. Luckily they tire out after all their mischief, and that’s when we must swoop in with the camera 🙂

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