Happy Halloween!

Gideon, the guardian of the little house in the big woods, wishes everyone a happy Halloween, which used to be one of my favorite holidays.



For someone with not a sweet tooth but sweet teeth, as my friend Mike Sienko would put it, what’s not to like about going to door to and having adults give you candy?

Pure bliss!

8 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!”

  1. Happy Halloween – do you get any trick or treaters at TLHITBW? We don’t, so we go into town to watch the costume parade. My favorites are the under 5 set – always so adorable!

    1. Not one trick or treater! Sniff. And we were ready with a big bowl of candy. Just in case. It’s been that way for years, since the kids have grown up. Yes, the under 5 set is utterly adorable.

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