A Curve of White Through Yellow, a Leg Full of Pollen

Summer is winding down, and so are the gardens at the little house in the big woods, which are at their best in June and July. Still, despite their raggedness, there are still things to admire and find in the garden.

This curve of white through yellow.


This leg full of pollen.


The crickets sing, the grasshoppers buzz, and the yellow jackets, out in force this year, pester us when we eat on the patio. (Not everything is sublime at the little house in the big woods.)

Such a sweet, sad time of year, when the dark comes earlier and earlier.  I love fall and the crisp energy it brings, but I am always sorry to say farewell, for another year, to the flowers and the hummingbirds and the loons.


14 thoughts on “A Curve of White Through Yellow, a Leg Full of Pollen”

  1. We’ve been remarking on how the light is fading earlier and earlier each evening. Those black or brown eyed susans (I can’t really tell the difference) certainly do make a statement this time of year – hey, I’m still working hard here lady. 🙂

  2. Lovely post, Laurie. I didn’t know that your loons left in the winter. I’ve only been to Maine in the summer & just assumed they were always there.

    1. I don’t think they move very far—to the coast. They cannot tolerate the frozen lakes of inland Maine. However, as our climate becomes every warmer, who knows what they will do?

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