Of Blooms and Maya and the Book of Everything

At the little house in the big woods, in mid-July, the gardens went into a slump after the glorious burst at the beginning of the month. But now they’ve gathered themselves again with the bosoming of the daylilies. (Eliza, so sorry you missed them! But flowers will be flowers, and they bloom in their own time.)



I am also happy to report that we—Clif and me—are making great progress with my YA fantasy book Maya and the Book of Everything.  All the material for the first part—synopsis, blurbs, and other necessary information—is done and ready to go. Clif is designing an oh-so-lovely author’s website for me. I know. I am lucky to live with a computer geek who also has terrific graphic sensibilities. However, I did have to ask him to remove the flying saucer he put in over the castle. (There are no flying saucers in Maya, but there is indeed a castle.)

I have ideas brewing for a presentation, if I am fortunate enough to be asked.

Busy, busy, busy! But in such a great way.

Soon, I will be sharing the cover.

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