Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens: The Sculptures

At the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, the beds of beautiful flowers with their snappy color combinations would be enough to please most people. However, what makes these gardens really special is the attention that has been paid to the aesthetics of place—the use of stone, water, and sculpture. I know it is hyperbole  to call any place magical, but the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens really fits that description. Going through these gardens and taking pictures becomes a sort of mediation, a celebration of the beautiful now.

Here are some pictures of the sculpture at the Botanical Gardens. They only give the barest glimpse of what it’s like to be there and walk along the pathways with the drifts of flower, the expanse of blue sky all around, the many, many pieces of art, the dappled shade, and the solid yet lovely stonework.

Readers, there is only one solution. If you live within driving distance, go visit these gardens and see for yourself. If you don’t live within driving distance, then you can follow Botanical Gardens online.







A wonderful interlude, but now it’s back to Maya and the Book of Everything. I have a deadline of August 3 to get certain materials ready, and I am making good progress.


4 thoughts on “Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens: The Sculptures”

  1. You did a great job representing the gardens here, Laurie. I think maybe I should just reblog yours – lol! The only thing I regret not photographing was the Dr. Suess trees. I really wasn’t thinking about posting, I was just absorbing everything and enjoying the company. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Eliza! I knew if I didn’t post right away, then I probably wouldn’t post at all. For the next couple of weeks I’ll be in Maya-land, and I’ll only have time to post the occasional flower photo. I didn’t get any of the Dr. Seuss trees either. Another time!

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