Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens—Petite Photos

On Tuesday, my blog friend Eliza Waters came to visit for a couple of days, and on Wednesday, we made a pilgrimage to Boothbay Harbor to the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens. Oh, what a time we had! Tomorrow, I’ll write more about the gardens and also about how cool it was to meet Eliza in person. However, if there was one word I could use to describe her visit and our trip to Boothbay, it would be “perfect”—perfect weather, perfect sunlight, perfect company, and perfect pictures. Now, how often do we get such perfect days?

I took a lot of pictures, and as I don’t want to be too overwhelming with the photos, I’m going to divide them between two posts. Today’s will feature what I refer to as petite pictures, where the subjects are up close and often cropped. For some reason, the petite photos are my favorite kind to take. (I do, of course, admire landscape shots, too.)

Tomorrow, I’ll write more about the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens and feature broader shots of this beautiful place.

But for now, here are my petite photos.







13 thoughts on “Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens—Petite Photos”

    1. Thanks, Judy. We had such a good time. Wish you could have been there, too.

    1. Yes, indeed! Too bad you live so far away. Would love to see your gardens, which look to be ever so much more magnificent than mine. I am in awe of you two.

  1. How nice to have Eliza for a visit. I imagine the two of you were in heaven at the gardens. Lovely photos. I too, enjoy the “petite” ones.

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