Ephemeral Blue and a Jazzy Beauty

I have a friend who has the most beautiful garden, and—lucky me!—she lets me take pictures of whatever is in blossom.

“Come anytime,” she has often said. “Come whenever you think the light is good.”

This I have done. Several years ago, when her hydrangeas were in glorious bloom, I took this picture, and it has been a favorite with both my friend and me.


“It would take a lot to beat the picture of the blue hydrangeas with the yellow daylily,” I told her recently. “I was in your garden just at the right time.”

My friend agreed, and I added, “But still, I am going to take more pictures of your hydrangeas, even though I might not get anything as good as the one I took a few years back..”

And so I have. When it comes to flowers, I have beginner’s mind. I never ever get tired of photographing them, and each season, the flowers seem new and fresh.

Here is what I got from a week or so ago.



Not as nice, I know, as the one with yellow daylily, but as I am crazy about blue, I will make some cards with the new photos.

And then, for something completely different, here is this jazzy beauty, also from my friend’s garden.


Again, how lucky I am to have such a friend! You can bet she’ll be getting some cards in the very near future.

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