Leaning into a Rainy Day

A much-needed rainy day, but I will be ready to see the sun shine, as is forecasted, either tomorrow or the next day. Daughter Dee is visiting from New York, and she and Clif have headed to the Maine International Film Festival. As they are both movie hounds extraordinaire and love seeing movies back to back, I have graciously—I think!—offered to stay home to tend our old dog, who really can’t be left alone for more than six hours.

Dee and Clif left at 11:00 am and won’t return until 11:30 p.m. Oh, the stamina those two have for movies! While I,too, like movies, all day is a little much for me. Hence, my offer to stay with the dog. Plus, it gives Clif and Dee time for a little father/daughter bonding.

Still, I felt a little at loose ends when they left today. So I made myself a cup of tea, read some of my favorite blogs, and checked out a recipe for blueberry lemon bread, which I am craving and might make when a friend comes to visit. I have other projects planned, and it will be a productive day.

Also, the rain let up, allowing me to take some pictures. And any day I can take pictures (or ride my bike or eat some chocolate or read) is a good day for me.






18 thoughts on “Leaning into a Rainy Day”

  1. Everything looks so pretty in the rain! I am so happy that we are getting a nice, steady rain. The gardens and land are drinking it up, hardly any to run off. (Although the intermittent showers are heavier today, so the creek may yet rise!)
    Lemon blueberry bread sounds delicious! 😉

  2. My favorite quote of the week,”And any day I can take pictures(or ride my bike or eat chocolate) is a good day for me.” Yes, that pretty much sums up the best days!!!

  3. I can almost see those flowers doing a little dance after that good soak!! Great shots! Enjoy your visit with Daughter and her hubby…I have my youngest here and I am in 7th heaven. xo Johanna

  4. A movie marathon ‘might’ be possible from the comfort of my LazyBoy but that’s the only way. 🙂 Hope they had a wonderful father/daughter day. Your flowers look beautiful, and we sure needed the moisture. We only got light sprinkles but we’ll take whatever we can get. Hope you post the lemon blueberry bread recipe if it turns out well. Sounds wonderful. 🙂

    1. Dee and Clif did have a perfect father/daughter day, and they are off again today for more movies. As I noted in another comment, they are movie warriors 😉 Will let you know how the blueberry-lemon bread turns out.

  5. It must feel disorienting to emerge to the real world after 12 hours of movie watching. I have enough trouble readjusting after one movie.
    Everything soaked up the lovely rain here and seemed to have grown extravagantly in the past two days. Can’t wait to get out there to do some weeding and trimming. Enjoy the time with your daughter.

    1. They have quite a few breaks—sometimes a couple of hours between movies—so it’s not back-to-back movies for twelve hours. Still, it’s quite the marathon, but Dee and Clif are movie warriors 😉 Yesterday’s rain was just perfect, not too driving and steady all day.

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