In Memoriam for Those in Orlando

This post and this picture are dedicated not only to those in Orlando who were brutally murdered but also to those in this country and indeed in this world who also have been cut down by gun violence and explosions.

Orlando, Colorado, Connecticut, France, Belgium, England, Iraq, Africa, Mexico—on and on the list goes. When will it stop? And, if it does, will I live long enough to see it?

I am drawn to the tranquillity and peace of the Buddha, and I have a little statue of him in my backyard. I find it calming to gaze upon his serene countenance—so very similar to the Virgin Mary’s.

I wish I could bundle that peace and send it outward, so that it would radiate around the world and remind people that most differences don’t matter at all.

Not one bit.




17 thoughts on “In Memoriam for Those in Orlando”

  1. Your thoughts have energy, so your healing, peaceful ones do radiate out into the world. Keep ’em coming!
    I have the same style of Buddha, only of dark bluestone resin. Definitely related. 😉

    1. Yes, yes! Nevertheless, my heart is broken whenever a mass shooting occurs.

    1. I feel the same way. We haven’t watched the news since that terrible shooting in Orlando. I totally agree with banning assault weapons. I come from a hunting family, and I can safely say no private citizen needs a gun like that.

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