An Uninvited but Welcome Guest in the Garden

It is a fact universally acknowledged that gardeners must wage a constant battle against weeds and various invaders that threaten to overwhelm their best beloveds. However, once in a while there comes an uninvited guest that is so welcome, so lovely, and so exactly in the right spot that all a gardener can do is say a silent prayer of thanks to the gardening gods.

So it is with these wild daisies that somehow found their way into my garden in a spot where nothing else really thrived. The daisies—tall, bright, and white—are exactly where they should be—in the middle of the garden. There, I hope, they will stay, and I will do my best to encourage them to thrive and spread.


20 thoughts on “An Uninvited but Welcome Guest in the Garden”

  1. They have earned their right to be there just out of their perseverance and endurance. 🙂 I often leave things in at least until they are done blooming because the pollinators and sometimes hummingbirds like them.

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