Arbor Day: Celebrating Trees on a Street

Happy Arbor Day! How fitting that a day should be set aside to honor trees.

According to the website Treehugger, “Arbor Day is generally observed on the last Friday of April.” It comes just one week after Earth Week, and so very appropriate as trees, along with the ocean, are vital for life on this planet.Β  “Arbor Day in the United States was officially designated in Nebraska in 1872 – pioneers moving to the treeless plains realized they needed trees for things like fruit, windbreaks, fuel, building materials and shade.” Treehugger lists twenty “random” reasons to love trees, from providing food and shelter to giving “us something to look up to, literally.”

With this in mind, Clif and I headed to Gardiner, to A1 Diner for lunch, and then to take pictures of city trees. We, of course, have trees galore at the little house in the big woods, but I wanted a different aspect of trees.

At A1 Diner, how good the food was, especially those fries. (Readers, I did not eat the chips. To tell the truth, with that platter of golden fries before us, I wasn’t even tempted.)


Let’s just say that even without the chips, we were quite full. Nevertheless, Clif perused the beer at Craft Beer Cellar, and while he did that, I photographed some of the trees on Gardiner’s main street. Trees do not exactly dominate the street, but they are present, in their own lovely way.





Trees, trees, trees, with their wood and needles and flowers and leaves. What would we do without them?

18 thoughts on “Arbor Day: Celebrating Trees on a Street”

  1. Somehow the fact that this was Arbor Day passed me by. But, did I unwittingly celebrate? Oh, yes. It was the first pick-up day for Fedco tree orders and I was there bright and early. I spent the afternoon planting trees. Three apples, two pears, two cherries, two persimmons, two peaches, and one medlar. I’m tired, shoveled out, and feeling very arbory.

    1. Brenda, you certainly did celebrate with a lot of hard work! You definitely deserve to feel arbory.

  2. My mother who died recently was always hugging trees long before it was fashionable. She was very conventional and not hippy in the slightest. This post has brought up many happy memories for me.

    1. Helen, trees are for everyone. Your mother might not have been a hippy, but nonetheless she was forward thinking.

    1. Wind turbines are great! But, love those trees. A-1 Diner serves such good food. If you ever come to central Maine…and, of course, do let me know.

  3. I have always loved trees, especially their contours in winter. The pear tree in our garden is older than we are and for us it is an important part of the garden. So we cherish it!

    1. Trees are not only beautiful, but they make life possible. Yes, I can understand how you cherish that pear tree.

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