March Madness

Oh, wily March. Yesterday you gave us snow. Today, we get freezing rain. There is nothing quite  like that tick, tick, tick of freezing rain as it hits the house. Here are what the steps looked like this morning when I returned from a hair appointment in town.


Here is a close-up. You can bet I used extreme caution going up and down the stairs.


And just so the backyard doesn’t feel left out, here’s a picture of our woebegone patio.


Never mind! Clif has a fire going in the wood furnace, so all is cozy at the little house in the big woods. Tonight is going to be treat night with chips and dip, frozen pizza, and a fun movie—we haven’t settled on which one yet.

So take that March and freezing rain!

13 thoughts on “March Madness”

    1. Shannon, April is right around the corner. A very special month for our family 😉

  1. That looks treacherous to walk on. I wouldn’t have gone out in that weather but I guess Mainers are hardy folks At home movies with a fire sounds more inviting.

    1. We love those chairs. We’ve had them for 16 years and they are holding up very well. We’ve decided to pick up a couple of more so that when we have gatherings, no one has to sit on the tippy plastic chairs.

    1. The snow is mostly gone! We actually had tea on the patio yesterday even though there is teensy weensy bit of snow in the backyard. Spring is coming in its fitful northern New England way.

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