Our Thirty-Ninth Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday was our thirty-ninth wedding anniversary, and the bright, beautiful day was filled with simple pleasures.

First, we went to Railroad Square Cinema for Cinema Explorations, a winter film series.Ā  As Cinema Explorations begins at 10 a.m., delicious bagels, provided by Bagel Mainea, are available. Clif and I can never resist.


We always get to Railroad Square early so that there is time to chat. Clif is on the left, and our friend Joel is on the right.


The movie Dukhtar, which means daughter in English, was showing, and it is the last of the film series.Ā  This excellent Pakistani film is about a mother and her young daughter who flee from the latter’s arranged marriage. Dukhtar is by turns tender, harrowing, sad, and triumphant, a movie very much worth seeing.

(Eye in the Sky, a movie with Helen Mirren and the late, great Alan Rickman, will be coming soon, and Clif and I are looking forward to seeing it.)


What to do after the the movie? Why, go across the parking lot to Grand Central Cafe for pizza with friends and a discussion about Dukhtar.



Because the day was so fine and the dog had been left alone for a fair amount of time, we decided that after pizza, a walk in the woods was in order.

I was taken by the juxtaposition of pussy willows next to frayed cattails.


In the woods, the snow is completely gone.


The horned tree stands guard over the trail.


Two of my favorite guys.


Clif and I ended the day with Trader Joe’s Mandarin Orange Chicken, egg rolls from our local Chinese restaurant, and white rice we cooked ourselves. We both had a rum and coke to go with this meal.

Happy anniversary to us!


29 thoughts on “Our Thirty-Ninth Wedding Anniversary”

    1. My daughter Shannon was wondering what the fortieth was, and I didn’t know. Thanks for the info, Derrick. It is highly unlikely we’ll celebrate with real rubies, but we’ll have to find something ruby red—flowers, perhaps for the garden—to mark our fortieth.

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