Piper Is Two: A Trip to the Belgrade Public Library

Yesterday, I visited with my friend Beth and her granddaughter, Piper. As it happens, it was the exact day of Piper’s second birthday, and we had muffins to celebrate. I gave Piper some books about animals, and Beth gave her some garden tools. Start ’em young!


After that, it was on to the Belgrade Public Library for story time.


I love libraries big and small, and this particular library might be little, but how sunny and open and inviting it is. The staff is warm and welcoming, and I immediately started “talking libraries” with the director, Janet Patterson. I told her I was one of the trustees for the Winthrop Public Library, and we were both in complete agreement that libraries provided essential serves, “food for the soul” for their communities.

This, of course, led me to think about libraries and their budgets. Unfortunately, when times are hard and the state doesn’t honor its obligations for town revenue sharing, libraries are sometimes seen as optional, a frivolous service.

Nothing could be further from the truth. For many people, and I include myself in this group, libraries are a lifeline, a way to stay open to the world of ideas and stories, even when times are hard.  In fact, especially during these times. Unfortunately, libraries frequently have to fight for every penny they receive, and although their budgets are relatively small, they are often the first to receive cuts.

But on such a sunny day, with a Dr. Seuss story to honor the anniversary of his birthday—March 2—and a craft project that involved making a giant hat, it was impossible to brood about stingy budgets for libraries.

Happy birthday Miss Piper and happy birthday Dr. Seuss!



14 thoughts on “Piper Is Two: A Trip to the Belgrade Public Library”

  1. One of my favorite topics – libraries. I absolutely love the convenience of going on line to reserve books, waiting my turn, picking them up, and returning them for the next lucky person to enjoy. It truly is a wonderful thing. 🙂

  2. I think libraries are SO important to communities. And like Judy, I’m a be user of the interlibrary loan system.
    Glad that Piper is getting started early. 🙂 Our library is starting a preschooler book and yoga series – so cool. Stories with cats, cows, (downward) dogs and yoga poses to match. Talk about starting them early with books and mindful exercise!

  3. Yes, books are the founts of ideas. They broaden the mind and even our hearts; how else can we feel empathy if we never venture into other worlds? In books we can find worlds that existed in the past and those that confront us today.

  4. I am definitely a library lover. I also love children’s books, and when mine were small, we made constant use of the children’s section. Lots of good memories of reading those books aloud before bed.

  5. The staff were happy to share their library with you. They appreciated your interest and support. Volunteers can make or break a library. Winthrop is lucky to have dedicated volunteers like you. Belgrade has Miss Sandra, a retired school librarian, to lead the story hour and a dedicated Friends Group to help with fund raising. It takes a community to provide those special library services. Volunteers and advocates like you are role models for the future generation.

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