Pizza, Pumpkin Roll, and Monsoon Wedding

Last night was movie night at the little house in the big woods, where we were joined by three friends—Alice and Joel and Diane—to watch and discuss a movie. Last night was Alice’s turn to choose, and she picked Mira Nair’s Monsoon Wedding.


The movie came out in 2001, and this was a second viewing for all of us.  Alice and Joel told of how they saw Monsoon Wedding for the first time at the Toronto Film Festival, right after the terrorist attacks on September 11. A joyous, bright film about an arranged marriage in India, Monsoon Wedding was just what Alice and Joel needed to see after the terrible attacks. (Can fifteen years have really passed since that dreadful day? We had a daughter living in New York City and another one living in Washington, DC. It is a day Clif and I will not forget.)

But back to movie night. Clif made two of his delectable pizzas. We always mean to get a picture of them, but somehow, between the rush to eat and watch the movie, we never do.

We were more on top of things with the beautiful dessert—a pumpkin roll—that Alice made. As soon I saw that roll, I knew it should have its picture taken.




I am happy to report that the pumpkin roll tasted just as good as it looked. After watching Monsoon Wedding, we had coffee, tea, and pumpkin roll as we discussed the various aspects of the movie—in particular, arranged marriages. While acknowledging there were no guarantees with any marriage, I noted how strange it would be to marry someone you had never met or seen.

“Different customs for different cultures,” Diane observed, and how right she is.

We can be grateful to movies and books (and blogs!) that bring us glimpses of other cultures. They remind us that the world is full of diversity, and they enlarge our perspective, which is always a good thing.

14 thoughts on “Pizza, Pumpkin Roll, and Monsoon Wedding”

    1. I hate it when that happens. Before I thought of taking a picture—whoosh, the pizza was gone.

    1. The pumpkin roll was wonderful. There would have been enough for you to have a slice. There were leftovers, which Alice kindly left with us. Dessert for tonight.

  1. That pumpkin roll looks so good! Those movie nights sound like a lovely tradition, and I will add this movie to my list of movies to watch. It sounds like the kind of film I most enjoy – “joyous and bright”. I am always looking out for recommendations and appreciate this one! 🙂

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