Leaves and Needles, Snow and Ice

For me, the rural life in Maine is never boring.  From season to season, there is such variability—cold, snow, rain, flowers, green grass, leaves, blazing colors, austere brown, and then back to snow. Even within the same season, from day to day, there is change.

In the winter snow falls and then it melts. Leaves and spills are scattered everywhere, only to be covered up again by snow. The ice on the brook advances and recedes.  Always something new to look at and admire. Always something to photograph.

Here are some pictures from a recent walk in the woods.








14 thoughts on “Leaves and Needles, Snow and Ice”

  1. You’ve captured some of the best aspects of winter here. Love the beech leaf. I’m really loving the lack of snow this year – I can walk out every day unhindered and see all that winter has to offer.

    1. Thanks, Judy! Last week, we were at our friends’ house, and the grass by the driveway, where it had been plowed, was bright green. I mentioned it in amazement. Quite a contrast from last winter, but freaky in its own way.

  2. I love the beech leaves this time of year. They are so papery and delicate. Looks like the temperature will be almost tropical today! Time for some outside work and hoping that the ticks aren’t waking up.

    1. Brenda, I, too, love the beech leaves this time of year. Somehow, I never get tired of taking pictures of them. Very mild temperature in central Maine, too. Yes, let’s hope those dratted ticks aren’t waking up.

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