25 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Winter Light, Winter Ice”

    1. We got about 6 inches of light snow and will be heading out in an hour for clean-up. I think it will be an easy job, even with the blowing snow.

  1. Can’t imagine cleaning up six inches of snow – imagine having to do that again and again in wintry weather. I swear I shall never complain about our deluge of rain again. Those sheets of ice over the fallen leaves in your photograph! I have never seen anything like it.

    1. Mary, so glad to give you the feeling of winter in northern New England. I was born here, so this clean-up seems perfectly natural, a part of winter. We are fine with up to 12 inches of snow at one time. After that, it gets a little tiring 😉 I also want to add that your locale seems very exotic to me. It’s very interesting to see your pictures of where you live. The wonders of the Internet!

      1. Mary, we move the snow to the side of whatever we are cleaning—a walkway or a driveway—and it forms huge banks. If we get a lot of snow this winter, then I will take pictures of our driveway so that you can see. Yes, sometimes it is treacherous underfoot, and some people—including Clif and me—wear grippers on our shoes when this happens. But so far so good 😉 Clif has only broken his arm once on icy steps—no snow, just cold!—and I haven’t broken anything. Man oh man, do I feel like I’m tempting fate.

      2. Mary, there is a tendency to hunker down, but it’s also good to get outside. Also, the light is so incredibly beautiful in the winter. Clear, clear, clear.

      3. You got that right. Winter in Maine is a photographer’s dream, as long as you don’t mind nippy fingers 😉

    1. Thanks, Eliza! When I took the picture, I was sure it wouldn’t come out well. The light was not good in the woods that day. But I took it any, just in case. A lesson here 😉

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