The Craft Fair in Mount Vernon: A Very Good Day

As someone who likes to look at the bright side of things, I’ll start this week with the good. (Tomorrow I’ll write about my ongoing oven woes.) The craft fair, in Mount Vernon, was a success. Lots of people came, and we sold enough cards and calendars to make it very worthwhile for us.  Our card of snowy Liam was the hit of the show, and we could have sold double of what we brought.


Many people thought he was a bear, and I had to explain, with a smile, that Liam was a dog, albeit one who loves the snow. I also added that I would never get that close to a bear.

We got lots of positive comments and some very helpful suggestions. Just recently, we have added quotations to some of our pictures, and one woman said, “I love quotes on cards.” Other animal cards, starring family dogs and cats, were also a big hit.

While we will always make cards that feature pictures without words, we have decided to branch out and make cards that have quotations on them. We will also make some that simply have “Happy Birthday” or “Happy Anniversary” on them. We are learning as we go.

Anyway, we were extremely pleased with the results of the Mt. Vernon Craft Fair, and we will be looking for other venues to sell our cards.


14 thoughts on “The Craft Fair in Mount Vernon: A Very Good Day”

  1. Wonderful news! EVERYONE seems to love animals, don’t they? Amazing. And best of success with your new enterprise. XXOXOXOXO

  2. I am happy you had such a good time! ( I am catching up on reading here and was interrupted this morning) Liam looks magnificent and bearlike indeed!!! Boo, to the oven and I hope it will be solved soon, dear Laurie!! A big bear hug from me, Johanna

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